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Friday, June 17, 2011

W18: D5 (June 17)

Today is another birthday to "shout out"!!  Ashley, a dear friend for many years now, happy, happy birthday to you!!  I hope you have a wonderful day, and I hope your sweet little girls give you tons of hugs and kisses and smiles....maybe no dirty diapers?  Ha, ha.  Probably too much to ask, but whatever!

I just realized I was doing this blog when my most loyal reader's birthday passed.  Well, April 23rd's post should have read "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESS!!!!"  Sorry, dear.  I appreciate knowing every day I have someone who is following me and holding me accountable.  You are a good friend and we will get together again soon!!

Okay, good morning to everyone (anyone) else.  Ha, ha.  Not much to add to yesterday's update, but Joann did send me a picture of her scale and she has already lost 8.6 pounds!!!  Quite the rock star!  This has sort of refueled my fire because you know I can't lose to my little sister.

Yesterday I fully stayed on track.  Ate only what was "allowed" and drank all my water (I have been doing this all along, but realized I haven't mentioned it in a while).  Today is my 25 minute run (all in a row!), so I'm nervous and excited about that.  Unfortunately, the kids are not being overly cooperative this morning, so I am not sure when this run is going to happen.  The twins have realized they can pitch a super fit and it is harder for me to leave them in various "class"es.  At Bible study it is not a problem because those teachers now how to handle that...at the Y, however, they can really only handle so much.  So far the kids have been excited to be there because they play outside and they are all in the same room, but Jack has already been telling me he's not going.  I have told him if he won't allow me to have time to run and shower at the Y, I will not take them to the library for the puppet show. 

Does this seem selfish?  I realize I am not "entitled" to any amount of personal time during the day, but 30 minutes of running and 10 minutes of shower really does add up to a nicer mommy for the rest of the day.  I can't get up early in the morning to run because Shaun leaves the house at 6:15 and I just cannot fathom getting up at 5 to run, then having a full day that doesn't "end" until the kids go to bed at 8.  This whole week there has been stuff going on after Shaun gets home from work at 4:30, so there hasn't been time then.  I can't go after bedtime only because I am SO ready to just fall into bed at that point.  I know people have different views and opinions of what being a stay at home mom really is all about or should look like...I think I change my own personal thoughts on this every day. 

Moving on.  I could go on and on and on about this, so I will just stop.  I will get my run in today - even if it doesn't happen until 9 o'clock this evening!  I hope everyone has a great day!!


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