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Monday, June 13, 2011

W18: D1 (June 13)

Good morning!!  This will be short and sweet, but I felt bad about not posting all weekend.

I weighed myself Saturday morning (because I am obsessed, ha!) and am quite disappointed in today's weight.  However, I will confess Shaun and I had a date night on Saturday evening and I did not follow any sort of plan.  I started out with the best of intentions - ordered a nice salad at The Cheesecake Factory - then I split a piece of cheesecake with Shaun.  And had popcorn at the movies.  Yum, yum, yum.  It was worth it.  Even if I am up in pounds this morning from Saturday's weight, I am at the same spot I was a week ago.  Joann and I have agreed to officially weigh (and tell) on Thursday, the 16th.  So you have to wait.  Ha, ha.

Friday was a great day in my Couch to 5K journey.  GREAT day.  I ran for 20 minutes in a row and got through 2.12 miles in that time!  I have never run for that long at one time, and certainly never run 2 miles in a row.  It felt so amazing.  I would not have believed it was possible a few weeks ago - truly!  Whew.  I took Saturday and Sunday off from running, but I did do my first Zumba class ever yesterday.  Wow.  Now that is a fun workout!  I plan to attend the Sunday, 1:30 class regularly from now on.  Helps to get the dance club craving out, too!  Ha, ha. 

Diet-wise things have been just fine.  Other than Saturday, I really am not having a hard time sticking to this one.  I want to eat other things, of course, but I am full enough after eating what's allowed that I don't "have to have" anything else.  Plus, as I said, the weight loss on the scale makes me very motivated to continue and stick to it!  I'm hoping today's number being the same as a week ago is just because I haven't fully metabolized Saturday's bad stuff and maybe after running Monday and Wednesday this week, we will see another big loss on Thursday.  Stay tuned...

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