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Saturday, June 25, 2011

W19: D6 (June 25)

Hello!  I am sitting outside enjoying the sun while the kiddos play, figured I could give a quick update.

Not much really to tell, truthfully.  I really enjoy the Weight Watcher's plan.  I like the online service being so easy to use and the points being already tallied for almost everything I eat.  I was having an issue with using up my points, but that hasn't been a problem yesterday and today.  Ha, ha.  I have decided Friday's will be perfect for my "splurge" days since I weigh that morning...it also was nice last night to eat hot dogs with the kids at the church's screening of Veggie Tales. 

Today was a new stage in my workout routine!!  I intended to start my Week 8 workouts (three 28 minute runs) by heading out to the 5K route Shaun and I will be running on the 4th of July.  However, on my way there, I turned into Percy Warner park instead.  A friend of mine has been running the Harpeth Woods trail for a couple (few?) weeks now, and I figured I could give that a shot.  Wow.  Whoa.  The trail is 2.5 miles with a "moderate" rating.  I decided to walk down to the sign as my 5 minute warm up, then turn around and run the loop during my 28 minutes of music.  I didn't have anything else to use as a "tracker" for time or distance beyond just completing one or the other...I prayed continuously that I would reach the end before the music ended.  As I ran through the relatively flat parts, I felt good.  A few limbs to hurdle and some rocks to jump over...way more entertaining of a run than my usual flat track!  Then I hit the uphill.  The most ridiculous incline I have ever attempted.  In the woods.  Trees in the way.  Up, up, up.  I thought it would never end.  I started getting nervous about my time!  What if I finish my music before the loop ends??  What if I lose sight of the blue marks on the trees??  Aaaahhhh!!  :)  Well, then I got some more flat terrain.  Flatter, anyways.  I got back to my usual pace.  It felt good, I started feeling a little more optimistic.  A few more inclines and then the beautiful downhill.  I was flying!  It felt so good and freeing (and maybe a little scary) and I just kept praying for the music not to end.  Would you believe I saw the final step down at my starting point sign and the music ended when I turned in front of it!!!  Perfect timing.  I am quite proud of a 28 minute trail run with an average of just over an 11 minute mile.  VERY pleased.  I truly owe it to God's grace...He was there for every step.  Pushing me forward when I really didn't think I could do it.  Giving me sweet breezes when I started to get overheated. 

After my nature wake up, I headed to the grocery store with one of my twins.  We had just a few more things to get at Harris Teeter (Super Doubles Week!), but it somehow ended up taking me an hour and a half!  Whew.  By the time we got home and put those groceries away, we had to leave yet again for a birthday party.  The sky was kind of dark, but I packed everyone's swimsuits just in case...the party was in the clubhouse of an apartment community and the pool is right outside.  I knew the kids would see it, and if the sky was clear, we would be swimming.  Sure enough, when I thought I was in the clear - somebody looked outside and noticed the pool.  I couldn't say "no"!!  We swam for about an hour, then began the fight to get the kids to leave.  We always have such a great time going places and playing, but leaving any activity is SUCH a struggle!  No matter how long we have been somewhere, how much fun we have had there, how many bribing "treats" we use...there is always some yelling, some tears, and major frustration involved.  Anyway, we eventually got home and enjoyed a good 3 hours of quiet time. 

My plan for this week is to do the three 28 minute runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I have decided today's run can't count because it wasn't 28 straight minutes of running.  On Monday and Wednesday, the boys will be going to a VBS at St. Paul Community Church, so I will probably take Zoe to the Y and run there.  I found out I can do our 5K route at the Maryland Farms Y while the kids are in the daycare.  Awesome.

I have been sharing the word about my blog quite a bit lately...I guess 50 pounds is pretty noticeable.  :)  I want to welcome anybody who has recently begun reading!!  Thank you for visiting the blog, please click "follow"!  You can do it either anonymously or by using a name of your choosing.  I would love to see that number get higher...it truly does help my motivation.  The accountability here is what keeps me going.  I am sort of thinking it is what keeps my sister, Jo, away??

Where are you, Jo Bean???  You did so great during the first half of the month and I want to hear about this second half!!

Okay, time to make dinner.


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