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Friday, April 1, 2011

Week Seven: Day Five

Quickest update ever!  I am at my cousin's house and stealing time on the computer while they entertain the kids.  I will start with where I've been...my computer's hard drive crashed and it has been at Best Buy being repaired since Sunday.  Boo!!  :(  Luckily, Shaun's aunt bought me Geek Squad coverage, so this won't be costing money.  However, I have been missing updating this blog!!!

FOOD and DRINK: Still on the Special K diet and love, love, loving it!  I haven't been hungry at all, no grumpy days (well, fewer, ha!).  I'm not even tired of the cereal because of the varieties available!  I will tell you right now I am not a cereal eater.  In my past, I would have told you cereal only makes me hungrier after breakfast, and I have to eat at least two very large bowls to feel any amount of satisfaction.  Now I am covering the bottom of the bowl with either strawberries or bananas, then 3/4 cup of cereal, and 2/3 cup of skim milk  After that, I am ready to go with a full belly and a pep in my step!  I have started having my morning cup of coffee again, but only one.  I get the French Vanilla flavored coffee and only use Splenda to sweeten.  Anyway, I have been eating a meal at lunchtime and keeping it between 500-600 calories.  I joined a website called www.e-mealz.com and have been making some new recipes from there at dinner...I set aside a serving for myself for lunch the next day.  It's working very well.  I am a little sad to move on from this diet plan, but I am looking forward to trying these shakes!!  I plan to start the Right Size smoothies on Monday.

EXERCISE:  I have been doing at least one 10-minute segment from my video almost every day.  I did skip yesterday because I had to do my magazine delivery route and I knew I would be running and lifting all day.  I also missed today because I had to finish up the route and took the kids to the park and am just plain tired!  I have been trying to get in another 20 minutes or so of running around with the kids (actually making an effort to RUN and PLAY) every day, as well.  I feel great.  Just flat out great!!

TIPS and ISSUES:  As I said above, I love this Special K diet and this is coming from a non-cereal lover.  I am drinking about 100 ounces of water every day...still super easy when through a straw in my fancy cup.  I think knowing I will get some of the dinner for my lunch also helps me through watching the family eat dinner.  I'm not ready to recommend the e-mealz website just yet, but we have really enjoyed 2 of the 7 recipes that were on the list for last week.  Like, REALLY enjoyed.  :)

That's all for now!!  I should get the computer back tomorrow or Sunday and will update you with pounds lost on Monday morning, for sure!!!

Talk soon, good night, xoxo

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