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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week Eight: Day Three

Good morning!! 

First things first - did you see that "Right Size" actually commented on my last post?  Yay!  Shaun thinks I should be their spokesperson.  I say let's see how the next couple weeks go first.  :)  Now, I feel like I have to assure everyone I am 100% honest in all of my "reviews".  These are truly my feelings and experiences.

Okay!  I missed posting yesterday because our power was out!  It was awful.  Definitely could have been "worse", but we were not big fans of having no power for almost 30 hours.  Monday afternoon some terrible storms came through the Nashville area and our section of town lost power around 1 pm.  We kept assuming it would be back on at anytime...surely by dinnertime?  Well, to quickly end the suspense, we were finally restored at 8 pm Tuesday night.  BOOOO! 

I tell you this little story to share with you a high compliment of the Right Size smoothies.  I mentioned before I have decided to supplement my breakfast and dinner with the drinks.  Monday I was not hungry until lunch time at all!  I didn't feel jittery or anxious or any of those feelings I was fearing.  I did have an orange for a snack, but I ate it mostly because I felt it was important to have something.  I ate lunch around 1 pm, a 500-calorie serving of Sunday evening's dinner, a 100-calorie yogurt in the afternoon (yes, during the storm craze, I still remembered to eat snack!), and I was SO ready to "cheat" by the time Shaun got home that evening.  I'm not going to detail the drama involved around this house with three kids who chose to skip nap, no electricity, no candles, no flashlights.  Shaun got home a little after five and I told him point blank I was picking up fast food for dinner and I was going to be eating VERY poorly!  He immediately told me how proud he was of my progress so far and that I was really inspiring him...his words, "Just because you had one bad day doesn't mean you have to go crazy with food."  I stormed out of the house, fuming and just knowing I was going to ignore every word he said.  Well, I didn't.  I got the rest of the family Taco Bell (yum!), hit up the Dollar Tree for flashlights and candles, and when I got home I made myself a smoothie.  I was thinking, "If I am still hungry after this drink, I will eat a taco."  Guess what?  Not one bit hungry.  Shaun was the disposal that finished off everyone's leftovers and I felt quite good knowing I had followed through with my plan!!  YAY!

Quick side note:  I have read lots of reviews on the Right Size smoothies, and it seems like a lot of people point out the "non-chalky" taste.  I have to be honest.  It does have a little bit of a chalky taste to me.  They are absolutely NOT hard to drink and I have had no problem with any after taste or "protein-y" taste, but you have to use more than just 8 ounces of milk to make it taste totally "smooth".  I did get a little recipe guide with the containers, so I just need to invest in a blender and try some of those!  Adding peanut butter sounds particularly yummy to me.

Tuesday was another successful day despite my inner "devil" screaming to take the day off!!!  Cheat!!!  You are under some extreme circumstances!  Nobody should have to deal with four small children and no electricity!!  Eat some pizza!!!  Well, I ordered two large beautiful delicious-smelling pizzas for our family and the next door neighbors...once again having every intention of eating at least one piece.  FIRST, though, I made myself a smoothie.  I drank that smoothie.  Pizza cravings....forgotten.  These smoothies are awesome!

FOOD AND DRINK:  Making sure to have at least 100 ounces of water each day.  At 7 am yesterday I grilled the meat in our fridge to save it from spoiling, so I had a grilled chicken breast and spinach for lunch.  I didn't get in an afternoon snack because I was running around so much wearing the kids out at the park!  I ate an apple for morning snack, though.  Skipping the morning cup of coffee hasn't even resulted in any headaches.  Woo-hoo!

EXERCISE:  I have lost the 30-day body makeover DVD.  More likely the kids lost it, but regardless of who is to blame I cannot find it anywhere!  Very frustrating.  I couldn't have done the video the past two days, so maybe I was looking very hard.  I will continue my search and, hopefully, get back to doing those today!

Have a great day!!


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