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Monday, April 25, 2011

Week Eleven: Day One

Good morning!!  I seem to have a slight stomach bug or something this morning...not sure if it is due to the diet change?  Anyway, I feel fine, so that's good.  The Nashville Predators made history last night by winning in Round 1 of the NHL Playoffs!!  Shaun and I and some good friends of ours are wanting to go to a Round 2 Home game, but the dates haven't been announced just yet, so we are anxiously stalking nashvillepredators.com in anticipation of finding out.

Well, I am happy to be back on Special K.  Yesterday I had my two bowls of cereal, only ate one snack bar but did get some canteloupe in as well.  For dinner last night we had turkey burgers, green bean casserole (not from "scratch", it was a frozen thing from Green Giant!), and some instant mashed potatoes.  I was feeling kind of lazy....not really the right word because I did go out for a nice walk after dinner!  Just didn't feel like running around my kitchen. 

FOOD/DRINK:  I ate my breakfast cereal a little late since we all slept in a bit and decided to go to the second service at church.  I did eat a snack bar on the way home from church, and then I had to pick up Conner...he had his very first sleepover Saturday night!  I picked him up and we headed over to Harris Teeter where I did some major couponing.  Fun times!  When we finally got home around 3:30 and I put all the groceries away, I scarfed a bowl of cereal and just had to sit down.  By the way, Conner slept from about 3:15 until almost 7:30 last night!  Turned around and went back to bed by 9:00.  Sleepovers are great!  After dinner I did some cleaning of the kitchen (side note for anyone who doesn't know me - Shaun is the cleaner in our relationship.  Regardless of how much I clean the kitchen, he will always have to follow behind me and "really clean".  This is why I will only ever half-ass it so I don't get frustrated when I think I've done a good job and he still HAS to follow behind!)...cleaned up, emptied the dishwasher, then put on my tennis shoes and went for a walk!  Oops...

EXERCISE:  Wrong category!  So, continued from above...I have mapped out a 1 mile route away from my house, so this makes it 2 miles when I walk there and then come back.  If you remember, on Friday I did 2 miles in 37 minutes, so I was trying to beat that time last night.  I did!  2 miles in 34 minutes!  What I find cool, as well, is that I maintained my pace...I checked the time when I got to my turnaround point and it had been 17 minutes.  I tried jogging a little bit just to see how it felt....I'm not ready.  Just being honest.  I will "rest" today.

Well, here's hoping my stomach can handle a bowl of cereal!  Jack woke up vomiting this morning, but he seems to be feeling better now.  I have been trying to think of what he and I may have eaten that others didn't...maybe the canteloupe?  Zoe ate some, too, but she is still sleeping so I can't really tell how she may be feeling.  Sigh.  Pray for us!

Oh, by the way, from my "records" and pictures, it looks like I lost 2 pounds last week.  Perfect!  Even with a bad day, I still had an on track week.  Now, here's hoping this week will show higher results. 

Thanks!  xoxo

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