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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week Ten: Day Seven

Good morning!

Ooh, such a bad girl yesterday!!  I have decided, after much discussion with family and friends, the cabbage soup diet is no good when you don't have a specific purpose for doing it.  Example:  Starting off a full on weight loss journey!  Needing to lose a few pounds to fit back into some pants that are ALMOST fitting!  Maybe even after a week of eating horribly, like on a cruise or vacation or something!  However.  In the middle of aforementioned weight loss journey - ick.  It was awful.  Didn't feel good.  My heart truly wasn't in it.  All sorts of excuses for the "bottom" I hit yesterday.  I just couldn't even LOOK at the soup anymore!  Not to mention the extreme discomfort I was feeling...my belly was hard and protruding (abnormally) and I was in some crampy pain through my back and chest.  Ugh.  I tried drinking water.  I tried to eat a little rice.  Drinking water wasn't a problem, but I wasn't even a little bit hungry for any rice.  So, we headed off to the easter egg hunt at a friend's church.  I continued to feel bad, but I really wasn't even considering "cheating" - just trying to decide what steps I wasn't going to take to flush out all the steak I had eaten Friday night!  After the egg hunt, there was a lunch of hot dogs and chips served at the church.  Shaun took two of the boys in to work with him, so I was left with just Zoe and Henry.  They each got a hot dog and some chips, I was still resisting the urge to just forget about my meal plan.  As we were about to leave, someone announced there was "plenty of hot dogs left!  Please help yourselves!"  And I did.  I ate a hot dog on the way home and instantly decided to have a break day and immediately began to feel better.  When I got home I realized we didn't have any pineapple in the house (an excellent dieting diuretic) because I had made a "pineapple casserole" the night before, so I ate those leftovers.  Felt even better.  I continued to drink water throughout the afternoon and just plain didn't think about food at all! 

Last night is when I really turned "bad".  Ha, ha.  We drove to a friend's house while Shaun had his hockey game.  There had been a birthday party earlier (which we missed due to naps), so there were cupcakes (ate 1) and then we ordered pizza for dinner (ate 3 pieces).  Sigh.  I wasn't even trying to NOT eat...I have all my Special K "tools" and CHOSE to not take anything to my friend's house for me to eat well.  I was a part of the pizza ordering decision making, so I knew I was going to eat some.  Ah, well.  It was one day, right?  Half a day, even, because I didn't eat that hot dog until noon!  I still drank all of my water.  I have just finished my breakfast of Special K cereal with a banana.  I am back on it and feeling READY!!  I would love to say the hot dog and pineapple casserole and pizza weren't any good...oh, and the cupcake...but - it was all just as delicious as I remembered.  I didn't think once about how many calories I was eating.  I just ate.  Hey, while we are being honest, I just remembered a second cupcake I ate at the next door neighbor's daughter's birthday part!  There you have it.  The End to my day of shame!  Ha, ha.

FOOD/DRINK:  Today begins 14 days of the Special K diet.  I have already purchased four boxes of cereal - Fruit and Yogurt, Chocolatey Delight, Cinnamon Pecan, and Vanilla Almond.  I also have 5 boxes of the snack bars.  (there was a sale at Publix and I had coupons!)  I am ready, ready, ready.  I am SO close to getting below 200 and I just KNOW it can happen in the next two weeks...maybe even sooner, right? 

EXERCISE:  I went for a 37 minute walk on Friday!  Around the neighborhood, focusing on really walking hard and doing some pretty steep hills.  It felt good.  I am pledging 60 minutes today.  It might end up being on the treadmill at Shaun's work, if I find it hard to motivate myself to get out in the sun, but it WILL be 60 minutes.

TIPS/ISSUES:  This might sound funny after reading what I wrote above, but you CANNOT beat yourself up about a day off!  Life goes on.  Every day life continues around us.  As of yesterday morning (this is an early reveal!) I was at 33.5 pounds lost.  That is no small feat!!  I think I was discounting it because I am so eager to get to 40...50....80!  I have already lost track of how far I have come.  Oh, the human mind.  I truly hope to be still at the 33.5 pound mark tomorrow morning when I officially weigh-in. 

Still taking pledges for the ADA!  :) 


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