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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week Nine: Day Seven

Good morning!!

I officially lost 2 more pounds last week with the Right Size smoothies!!  Very exciting...especially since that puts my total at 30.5 pounds lost.  Love it!

FOOD/DRINK:  We should just change this category to FOOD.  Drink = water and lots of it.  LOTS.  Ha, ha.  I also purchased some Chocolate Glazed Donut coffee yesterday and that will be my morning "treat".  It is so good.  Anyway, you may notice I am starting a new plan a day early...this is due to the smoothie powder running out too soon.  I admit I didn't use an actual "leveler" each time, but I definitely didn't expect to run out 2 days early?  The canister says it has 30 servings, I drink 2 per day...it only lasted me 13 days.  Anyway, I have decided to begin the cabbage soup diet today.  You all may remember this from my very first week.  I have two main reasons for doing it again:  1. It provides great weight loss and this may help me get over that 200 pound mark!; 2. It's easy.  I have been reading this 17-day diet book and I think I need a little bit more time to wrap my head around it.  I don't like not having a plan, and I really don't want to get distracted and/or frustrated at this point in my weight loss.  So, there you have it.  My mom is coming to visit next Tuesday, the 26th, and she is going to help me write out a meal plan and grocery list for my first 17 days.  This means, I will begin cabbage soup today, final day of that will be next Saturday.  I will do 8 days of either Slim Fast or Special K, then begin the 17 day diet. 

As for today, it's FRUIT day for me!  I made a large bowl of fresh pineapple and canteloupe last night.  I plan to assemble the cabbage soup before church and let it sit in the crockpot while I am gone.  I also have a bag of apples at my disposal, and a second pineapple waiting to be chopped.  Oh yeah, and red seedless grapes are only a dollar a pound at Harris Teeter, so we have a drawer full of those in the fridge.  Yummy!

EXERCISE:  I wasn't able to focus on getting in my 60 minutes of walking yesterday, so I am pledging to do it today.  I would like to find a track to do it, so I can also know my distance.  Results tomorrow! 

I didn't do the photo shoot Friday, by the way.  It ended up being quite the trying day.  I have to admit I took the kids to the drop in daycare down the street for a couple hours just to save some of my sanity!  It was the perfect amount of time to put away all the laundry, clean the bedrooms, and watch our DVR'ed episodes of The Office and Parks and Rec.  I made lunch for the kids and went to pick them up with a fresh new attitude.  They had a blast playing with "new" toys and being out of the house, so I call that a win-win.

Have a great day!


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