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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week Eleven: Day Three

Good morning!

This will be a super short post because I waited too late in the morning and the natives are getting restless.  It happens.  Quite frequently, actually!  I felt too bad about not posting yesterday, so I didn't want to miss two days in a row.

Well, the stomach bug turned out to be something fierce and Monday was downright horrible.  I felt awful through the entire day...slept like a rock Monday night and was 100% on Tuesday!  Weird, right?  I get sick so rarely that I forget what it feels like!  Anyway, I totally stayed on track with the diet, though.  Probably eating too little, actually.  I ate what I could which ended up being my two bowls of cereal and then a bowl of pasta for dinner with the kids. 

Yesterday, however, was great.  Two bowls of cereal, only one snack bar (oops!), but I did make some more of that blueberry zucchini bread at my friend's house and I totally licked the spoon before washing out the bowl.  Tee-hee.  My parents got into town last night (yay!!) and we had jambalaya stuffed chicken, couscous, and salad for dinner.  It was DEEEEE-lish!  I will try to post the recipe later because it was super easy.  I didn't figure up the calorie count, but I split one of the chicken pieces with my mom and used a small plate and made almost half the plate salad greens.  Used Lite dressing, too. 

Today we are heading to Bounce U with the kids, so I will definitely be getting in a bit of a work out!  I am strangely very excited.  Tomorrow is magazine delivery day, so I'll be getting in lots of extra steps and lifting.

I hope everyone has a great day!!!  After peeking at the scale, I can hardly wait until Monday to share!!!!  :)


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