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Monday, April 18, 2011

*NEW* Pledge Drive!!

Money is an idol of mine.  Managing it, hoarding it, spending it.  I am obsessed with money.  Over the past several months I have really been trying to break it down...or at least I thought I was.  Turns out, I was just giving little bits over to the Lord and trusting him, but then still micro-managing behind the scenes just in case He didn't come through the way I (thought I) needed Him to.

Time for a change!  It is likely most people would not agree with certain steps I have already taken, and I am not going to give the details here because of that.  I will just let you know what change I am making that concerns this blog and my followers and readers.

By the way - if you are reading and not "following", please take a minute to click on Follow!  You can do it anonymously, or use a fake name, or whatever...

Okay - I am resetting all of the pledges.  I will contact everyone individually who pledged in the beginning and give you options of what you can do from here.  I realize it is NOT fair for me to be so selfish as to ask people to pay ME to lose weight.  Losing weight is going to result in a happier, healthier, and hotter (lol!) me and this is all the reward I need.  I think the accountability of the blog has already been enough for me to stay motivated and it turns out my husband is quite good at the guilt tripping required to keep me on track!

I am asking you to pledge for charity.  I have chosen the American Diabetes Association.  You can choose to pay monthly, I will still give 4 week pounds totals, or you can pay at the end.  Since this will be starting now, I will back track to my last official weigh-in which was 210.  My new weight loss goal is 60 more pounds, and there are 32 weeks left.

This means, you can figure up your total pledge amount by multiplying by 60.  If I don't reach my goal (what does that even mean??  ha ha), your final pledge will be less.  If I somehow lose MORE, you will not be expected to pay over the 60 pounds.

This is the beginning of my amazing testimonial.  I am so happy I will be documenting it all so the story will be complete at the end without risk of my memory loss of the details!  I have already had proof in the recent past of times when prayer has resulted in things I couldn't have even directly asked to happen...

*I had a rough moment of obsessing over my bank account and fell to my knees and prayed for $1,000.  I thought that was all I needed to just get us on track and back to good and I would be fine from there.  Couple weeks later, $1,200 came in the mail.  It wasn't anonymous, I know who sent it, but it definitely was not expected from this person.
*I was looking in the mirror a few months ago and was NOT happy with what I saw.  Not only the extra weight, but my hair was boring and not my favorite color and my eyebrows needed waxing.  This prompted me to pray laughingly for a hair-cut.  A dear friend called a short time later and referred me to her hair dresser who had "heard your (my) story and really wants to pamper you for free!"  Sure enough, the following Friday I had my hair cut and colored and my eyebrows waxed by a FANTASTIC hair dresser on Music Row!  (I am happy to pass along her name and number, by the way.  She not only does great work, but she is just a pleasure to talk to as well!)
*I thought this would be the ultimate challenge.  As I watched these things happen in my life, I sent up a prayer for $5,000.  Why not?  He kept coming through for me...I wanted to test that, I guess.  I believe I prayed for this in January?  Maybe end of December?  Our tax return came in February and was well over that amount. 

So, surely you see what I mean.  Despite all my best intentions, I have not been able to save any money for our Vegas trip in November.  I realize you may look at the above amounts and wonder where that money went...our van needed quite a bit of work, even part-time daycare for four kids is pretty expensive, paid renters and car insurance a year in advance...regardless.  I am praying for the trip to become a reality. 

All of this to say - PLEDGE for the American Diabetes Association!!  I had gestational diabetes with all three of my pregnancies and was at risk for developing Type 2 if I didn't lose this weight.  It is a serious illness that is no fun.  Maybe we will even organize a walk in the future!  If you are interested in pledging, you can post a comment here or send me an email at aldunkle@msn.com.  I will keep the individual amounts anonymous, if you'd like, but I will post the total amount pledged as they come in.

Thanks, everyone.  Keep reading!!

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