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Friday, March 25, 2011

Week Six: Day Five

Okkkkkaaaaay!!! I am feeling great!  Not only did I make time yesterday morning to do my 10 minute upper body circuit, but a friend and I went for a good 45 minute walk in the early afternoon!!  It was awesome.  Chilly outside, but the walking felt good and I just love knowing I got that in with very little effort on my part.  Zoe was getting pretty fussy at home while I was trying to cram in lunch, but she wanted to go outside SO badly I knew there would be no laying her down for nap in her crib.  She snoozed in the stroller, as did my friend's little one.  We have agreed to make this a Tuesday/Thursday activity at least through the rest of spring. 

I am kind of cramming all the info into one little paragraph because I waited too long to type this and I am being tugged on and whined at from all angles right now!!  It's very, very cold outside this morning so the kids are a little upset with me for cancelling our zoo plans.  Anyway, I really like this cereal diet.  Once again, no hunger issues yesterday...I did have another Lean Cuisine for lunch, but I'm going to not do that today.  I know those have a lot of sodium in them.  On that note, however, I drank 120 ounces of water yesterday!  Whew. 

No plans of leaving the house on this chilly, possibly rainy day...planning to do some deep cleaning, possible rearranging, and definitely diving into my Bible study for the week.  Let's all pray for sunshine and butterflies this weekend!! 


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