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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week Three: Day Two

Another good day! 

DIET/BEVERAGES:  I'm combining the two categories because I really intend for the beverage category to only have ONE item listed for a loooong time.  Water.  Again today, I was successful with this.  I even bought a reusable cup with lid and straw (have you seen these??  so cute!) - insulated, too!  So, I think I may have even drank "too much" water today.  If my frequency in the "potty" is an indicator, then yes I have.  Ha, ha.  Okay, food-wise, stuck to it!  Shake for breakfast and dinner, Slim Fast snack bar for morning snack (got a new flavor today!  Mmmmm...chocolatey vanilla blitz!), an orange for afternoon snack, and I've got my pistachios waiting for 8:30.  For lunch today I made an entire bag of Chicken Taco salad.  Oh, yum.  The calorie count said 3.5 servings per bag, 110 calories per serving.  This is 385 calories, in case you are sleepy when reading this, so I made up the other 115 calories with some tortilla chips we had leftover in the pantry.  Delicious?  Yes.  Filling?  For a minute!  Something about the protein and veggies just doesn't seem to leave me satisfied for long.  Nine tortilla chips wasn't really as helpful in the starch department as I thought it could be.  Ha.  Anyway, I still made it through the afternoon not hungry...maybe a slight tummy grumbling, but I seriously am blaming that on the awesome pizza I made for my family tonight!

EXERCISE:  I jumped right to this category now because I want to address the way I dealt with the pizza staring in my face this evening.  First, let me just set the scene appropriately.  I baked some chicken and then shredded it with my fabulous Pampered Chef Salad Choppers (yes, they cut chicken, not just lettuce!).  Tomato and Basil pasta sauce, pepper jack cheese for layer one (only on Shaun's side), chicken for layer two, sharp cheddar cheese for layer three, then topped the whole thing with mozzarella!  OMG, right?  The smell was ridiculously tempting and the sight just about sent me over the edge.  For those who may not know me, pizza is my weakness.  Sigh.  Is that enough suspense?  Are you dying to know if I fell "off the wagon"??  NOPE!  I served up 5 plates, put on my tennis shoes, and took a 25 minute walk.  Thank you, thank you.  ;)

TIPS/ISSUES:  Even though the salad didn't quite keep me feeling full until dinnertime, I still really enjoy the meal at lunch variation.  I was considering trying meal at breakfast next week?  Would anyone like to know how that works?  I am cool with one more week of Slim Fast, then one week of cabbage soup diet again before alternating with....well, I haven't 100% decided just yet.  Getting ahead of myself!  I will say, buying that reusable cup/glass was a great investment!  Ha, ha...not much investment at $4.00.  You get my drift.  Drinking from a straw is super easy and fast, and I have definitely not felt thirsty at all today.  Plus, did I mention I got one with red dots?  Cute!

Good night!


  1. I am gonna share this with you in the hopes that you don't take it the wrong way, but for your love of pizza, checkout this blog....


    She is a "clean eating" junkie, and I found it while researching eating clean. I have not made any of the pizza recipes yet, but intend to.

    Keep it up, LOVE!

  2. Ummmm....like, reading about this pizza you made got ME feeling all hungry and I already ATE dinner!!! You are SUPER hardcore to be able to make that stuff and then NOT eat it! Wow!!! Hats off to YOU, Miss AUDREY!!! And THEN, to go WALK for 25 minutes TOO! Whoa!!! HardCORE, sister!!!

    You are phenomenal!!! WHAT an inspiration!!!

    <3 <3 <3


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