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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week Six: Day Three

Good morning!!

I have read all of the comments and even received some outside of the blog.  Thank you, everyone!  I really appreciate the input.  I have a couple of diets to check out later (if I manage to get another quiet minute today!).  I do want to say one quick thing...regarding Weight Watchers.  I absolutely intend to head that way.  I know it works.  It works well!  It is a lifestyle as opposed to a quick fix diet.  I realize all of these things and I am actually very excited to get on board!  That having been said, I hoped this blog would be about more than just my own personal weight loss.  YES, I want to lose the weight.  YES, I want to do it in a healthy way.  However, I think it could be beneficial to others to read about these other diet options.  Maybe even by focusing on food in different ways, I will learn to not obsess over just putting it in my mouth.  This blog (and I!) are a work in progress, but I really do want it to be more than just bragging about my immense weight loss.  Ha, ha.  :)

So, last night was nice.  I made spaghetti with turkey burger and we had a little picnic outside.  I still drank only water, and I actually felt quite stuffed afterwards without having to go to an extreme.  This week's plan is to have a bowl of Special K cereal (I stocked up a month or so ago when there was a HUGE sale!) for breakfast and dinner.  Lunch will be a "normal" meal...I will likely count calories and try to stay around the 500 range.  Two snacks a day of Special K bars and healthy chips.  Plus, I can eat fruit anytime.  Yummy!  I am going to incorporate a tip from a friend to make my lunch plate 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 starch.  I am thinking I will do this for at least 10 days. 

By the way - EXERCISE!!!  I have still been doing the 30-day body makeover dvd.  Another friend told me I need at least 20 minutes for it to be meaningful.  I had been alternating M/W/F - 10 minute cardio, Tu/Th/Sa - 10 minute upper body & 10 minute lower body.  I will continue my TTS routines, but will have to add something in on MWF.  I was doing 50 crunches, but I think I would like to do those every day and add in another 10 minutes of cardio something.  Maybe even some fast walking in the evenings.  The exercise is great.  Even after just (almost) 2 weeks the videos have gotten easier - no less sweat inducing, but a little easier!  Zoe and I visited a sweet friend yesterday and she exclaimed how easy it was to get her arms around me for a hug!  :) 

Today we have Bible study in the morning and plan to head out to the park this afternoon.  I have already had my bowl of cereal with strawberries this morning and I am feeing good!!  I hope you have a wonderful day, and I will talk to you tomorrow!!


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