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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Week Four: Day Two

Hello, hello!  I am fighting some sleepiness in order to watch my favorite lineup on tv...Tuesday nights are the best.  Whew!

FOOD AND DRINK:  I'm not going to keep detailing everything.  I ate three 100-calorie snacks today and 2 shakes.  Drank all my water.  Breakfast consisted of a tortilla with cheese, lunch meat, and 2 scrambled eggs...oh, and a banana.  Mmmm.  As I reflect on my day, I really wasn't hungry.  A good friend came over with her son for the afternoon, so maybe I was just too busy gabbing.  What I do like about eating breakfast as my one full meal is that it's over and done with and I really don't need to think about food (for myself) at all during the rest of the day.  I bought some 100-calorie yogurts today...all sorts of chocolate and caramel and mousse and "temptations".  Crazy!  It's almost fun being on a diet these days!  :)

EXERCISE:  Unless you will let me count the fast-paced grocery shopping I did (twice!) today...yeah, none.  Boo!!  I took Zoe to the Monkey's Treehouse today to meet up with a friend and see "Safari Greg" perform.  Chasing Zoe around there was better than sitting...but, still, my answer is none. 

If only we had a chaffeur...this would have been me, as well.  :)

TIPS/ISSUES:  I guess I just need to start really focusing on getting some exercise mixed in!  I would like to blame the weather, and it really has been nasty, but I do own a jacket and sweatpants...no reason I can't get out there in the evening.  Nothing bad is going to happen if mama steps out (once daddy's home, of course) for 30 minutes!  Oh, one more "issue" I had today...I decided to make tacos for the family this evening!  Only thing harder to smell and not eat than pizza....tacos.  Mmmmmmmm.

Good night!!

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