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Monday, March 14, 2011


Hooray, hooray!!  I am feeling fired up and super motivated today!  I am embarking on a 30-day makeover after my quite successful past four weeks.  Woo-hoo!!

So...here it is...picture time.  :P



Oops - I guess I didn't take a picture that morning!  Sorry!!



DAY ONE:                                                   FOUR WEEKS LATER:

So far, it's mostly my face, neck, and ankles.  Sorry I didn't get a picture of my ankles.  The ridiculous part is that I always have thin ankles...they just get even skinnier.

Anyway!  I wanna do a little recap of the last four weeks...

For the first week I did the cabbage soup diet.  http://www.cabbage-soup-diet.com/  I lost 7.5 pounds and really didn't have many issues making it through each day.  There is always a "better day" coming up to look forward to and the soup really is good!  I will plan to do this once again after my next 30 days is up, for sure.

The next three weeks were Slim Fast!  I followed the 3-2-1 Plan of 3 snacks per day, 2 Slim Fast shakes or bars, and 1 "sensible" meal.  The first week I ate the meal at dinner.  No big issues just a lot of hunger during the day and then a hard time of stopping once the allotted 500-calories were done at night.  Second week the meal was at lunch.  This was my absolute favorite!  I highly recommend doing the plan this way.  I wasn't too hungry by lunch time and I was still feeling happy at dinner.  Third week I ate breakfast as my meal and this was just downright awful.  I wasn't able to do it the full week...made it 5 days and then switched things up a little bit over the weekend.  It was just too hard to be excited about eating a balanced breakfast (like, vegetables at 7:30 am?) that early in the morning and my stomach had long forgotten about the food by 3 pm. 

Total pounds lost (for those of you who hate math): 18.5 pounds!!!

For those who pledged in the beginning here is the $ breakdown...

$1 - $18.50
$0.50 - $9.25
$0.40 - $7.40

My sons each pledged a nickel, so I will be collecting $0.92 from their piggy banks this morning!  Ha, ha, ha.

Starting today I will be eating based on the Atkins diet plan and working out every day between 10 and 40 minutes.  I have one video called The 30-day Body Makeover from Gold's Gym, and I will be alternating between a couple of Denise Austin's "Hit the Spot" videos.  Abs and Buns. 

Thank you everyone for helping me say goodbye (for good!) to those 18 pounds!! 


  1. AWESOME! Great job girl! I can REALLY tell a difference. Let me know when you want those Buckle jeans back :)

  2. Ooooh, Shonda, I forgot about those jeans!! Do they hang off you now, Ms. P90X? :)


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