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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week Four: Day Four

I am really, really hungry and tired right now.  I think I hate only eating breakfast.  I mean, I know I hate it.  Ugh.  Planning tomorrow's breakfast is not exciting me at all, it's only making things worse.  I made dinner for Shaun and the kids, and I'm hiding out in the kitchen (they are having living room picnic night!) while they eat and make all sorts of "mmmm" noises.  Grrrr. 

It's kind of been a strange couple of days for me.  I have battled forms of depression in my past, and I get a little nervous when I start feeling this way.  I'm so tired and my usual response to this would be to CHOW.  Now that I don't have that outlet at my disposal, I am having to try other things.  Basically yelling at my husband and kids.  Nice, right?  I've tried praying about it, but that is kind of hard when your heart just isn't in the right place.  I know it has little to nothing to do with the dieting - it may be the wrong time of the month, it may be the weather, it may just be my brain.  Anyway, this little venting paragraph is just to explain why there may be no "oomph" in my posting tonight, and a little bit why I didn't even bother posting last night.

FOOD AND DRINK:  I have stuck to plan 100%.  When I went grocery shopping on Monday I stocked up on 100-calorie yogurts, so I'm loving those.  I did decide today I should probably reverse my day a little bit since I'm eating my meal at breakfast this week - start the day with a snack instead of ending the day with a snack.  Unfortunately, our plans for tomorrow don't really make that possible for me, so I'll just have to suck it up another day.  Truthfully, as I think about it right now (after a cup of coffee), I'm NOT feeling hunger.  It's the restlessness that always gets my butt gravitating towards the kitchen in hopes of finding the answers at the bottom of a bowl or plate of something.  I am looking forward to our plans tomorrow, so that's helping.  I think I'm in a funk...this happens to everyone, right?  As I said above, my typical response to these "funks" is eating.  It makes sense that I would have a hard time with this being my first experience at NOT using food to "cure" it.

EXERCISE:  Nope.  BUT, I was telling a friend yesterday that I am trying to be conscious of tightening my stomach as I walk around the house and bend over to lift things from the floor.  Basically really concentrating on keeping my core tight throughout the day.  It's a small bit, but every bit helps!  I'm resting up for my big DVD workouts to begin on Monday!  Woohoo!

TIPS/ISSUES:  I'm done talking about my "issues", don't worry.  I am going to go ahead and say the best Slim Fast tip I have is to eat your 500-calorie meal at lunchtime!  Also, drinking water through a straw is really, really easy.  It's been kind of chilly the past few days and I have NOT felt like drinking cold water (the only way I'll drink it).  Sucking it down through a straw has made it possible for me to power through these few cold days.  That's all for tonight.  Pray my attitude will be adjusted over night and tomorrow's post will be full of sunshine and smiles!

Good night!


  1. Hang in there Audrey! There are going to be tough days and even weeks but keep focused and you can do it. I am struggling myself right now with motivation to keep running/training for the marathon. I still do it every day but I'm definitely in a rut which I'm hoping is short lived! =) You are doing such a great job!!

  2. Hello Audrey, sorry that I am just getting back to you. It's Angie from wordpress. You have left a message on my blog on the 6th. I have been under the weather. That's why I haven't been posting about workouts. I will hopefully get back to working out Monday. Hopefully, I will be feeling much better than.

    I see that you love yogurt. I don't like yogurt. But I do like drinking water. I have two blogs. One about what I'm doing and the other one to give inspirational cheer to other people. I have to get back to that blog. It's listed on my main blog. Thanks for stopping by and I hope we can stay in touch. I will save your blog. If you don't mind. I think I can follow it from Wordpress. I will wait for your okay to follow it on my blog.

    I'm using my blogspot account to leave you a message, but I don't use my blog on here, because of blogspot deleting my account for no reason. That's why I'm on Wordpress.


  3. Don't be surprised at these lows combined with temptation! Remember you have an enemy who is waiting for any/every opportunity to "sweep" your feet from under you. Scripture says to resist the devil and he will flee from you. So, just be aware (which I think you are!) and enjoy the REALITY that you are 15+ lbs less than 4 weeks ago. My weight watchers friend used to remind me (back when I was a legal ww!) that 15 lbs. is equal to 60 sticks of butter! Think about that and smile. Also, blame this all on the rain & weather--I think everyone I know is swimming upstream these last few days, too!
    Love you,
    Aunt Jill


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