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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week Three: Day Seven

I am so excited for week four to start tomorrow!!  I am also very excited to get to "week double digits", but I'll settle for finishing out my first month.  Woo-hoo!!

FOOD AND DRINK:  Shakey-shake for breakfast and dinner, banana at church for morning snack, yogurt this afternoon, and I'm still debating on my evening snack.  Kind of itching for some popcorn since I missed out last night!  Today's lunch was yum-yum-yummy.  Bowl of Select Harvest chicken noodle soup (220 cals), tortilla (120 cals), 1/4 cup of cheese melted on tortilla (90 cals), 2 slices of ham and 2 slices of turkey under the melted cheese on tortilla (60 cals), lettuce on lunchmeat under melted cheese on tortilla all rolled up and eaten at the slowest pace possible to really, really relish the taste...well, the lettuce didn't have any calories, but it could have had 10 and I still would have been under (at) 500 calories!!  It was so good.  Oh, I am still thinking about it...something about melted cheese totally makes me feel like I'm being "bad".  Dieting bad, anyway.  Ha, ha, ha.  Drank all my water.  Rock on.

EXERCISE:  Yeah, sorry...none today.  Unless you count the usual, wrangling four kids into the car and then into church and their various "nursery" rooms.  We did take the stairs...necessary because my LOUD children voice their LOUD opinions about how they want to park "up high!!".  So, we park in the upstairs parking lot and parade all through the "adult hallways", down the stairs, and then through the "kids' hallways".  It's awesome.  I'm sure people just love when the Jeffries' crew arrives.  :)  We did a fun activity this afternoon to kill the boredom...here's some pictures of the mess we made!!

 Food coloring, water, and envelopes.  They turned out kinda cool!

 Mmmm...all I gave her was the empty food coloring containers!  She still got some in her mouth...and managed to decorate a paper towel!  Crafty girl, huh?

None of this required any exercise, but it was fun and I'm sufficiently sleepy.  So it's like I worked out!  Only different.  Ha!

TIPS/ISSUES:  Super excited about breakfast tomorrow morning!  Even MORE excited to weigh in the morning!!!  I am feeling really confident and lighter today, so hopefully it will show in the scale.  I haven't tried on any of my "goal pants", but I do have several pairs I am ready to donate.  I can see quite a change in my face already...don't worry, pictures will be posted on Monday, March 14.  I have a picture from the day I started and I plan to put on the same outfit to show my first month change!!  I will also be taking a second picture to mark the start of my "30 day Body Makeover".  I have decided on doing the workout DVD every day and the diet will be Atkins.  I'm going to follow their online plan.  In the past, when I have decided to "do Atkins", it has just meant me eating tons of meat and cheese and avoiding any carbs.  After reading that there is an actual PLAN, I decided to try again!  I've always had great success and I like that my calories aren't so limited, so the working out won't leave me all hungry and angry.  :)

In case you are wondering, I am definitely open to your comments and/or suggestions about my choice for next month.  It's why I put it on here a week early...I am always open to changing my mind!

Good night!!

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  1. So great to hear your postivie feelings about your accomplishments. Good girl! My phone is broke that is why I didn't call yesterday - and dad's phone was not charged and I worked all day too =( But I try to keep up witcha! Today and tomorrow are crazy with mardi gras devorating and food prep. Love ya and keep up the good work!


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