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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week Three: Day Three

I'm just going to warn you, I'm feeling quite grumpy today.

FOOD AND DRINK:  Shake for breakfast, Meal bar for dinner, Slim Fast snack bar for morning snack, 30 pistachios for afternoon snack, and I'm just waiting to finish typing this for my evening snack of another SF snack bar.  For lunch I made a salad using one-half a bag of Sweet Butter Lettuce (10 cals), one 4 ounce piece of chicken (110 cals), 1/8 cup of cheese (45 cals), 3 Tbsp of Italian Vinaigrette Dressing (120 cals), and three Lean Cuisine egg rolls (200 cals).  Total = 485 calories.  Water all day!!

EXERCISE:  It was absolutely beautiful outside today, so the kids and I took a little walk around the neighborhood.  Nothing strenuous or too far, but it was nice and I did have to chase the crazies a couple of times who got too overzealous on their trikes! 

TIPS/ISSUES:  I am not sure if my grumpiness is at all related to boredom or hunger?  I have felt this way all day!  Even things that usually bring me great joy - Wednesdays being Bible study, all the kids napped at the same time today, beautiful weather outside - these all just couldn't bring me up out of my funk.  I totally just felt like vegging out on the couch and eating everything I could get my hands on today!!!  Maybe the three week/three day slump?  I've prayed about it a lot this evening and I'm even ignoring the television tonight in exchange for working on next week's Bible study.  Maybe that will do it.  I was faced with several yummy foods I have a slight weakness for today...of course, the spread at church being number one.  Then, I reheated the leftover pizza for the kids' lunch today.  Dinner for the kids and Shaun was one of those Homestyle Bakes meals - Cheesy Ham and Hash Browns.  Is there even one word in that "title" that doesn't make your mouth water?  Ha, ha.  Then, Henry wanted ketchup on his plate and there is just something about the smell of ketchup...ooooooh, I needed some.  I was strong, though, no worries!  Didn't even have a little taste!  It is getting easier and I'm feeling less hungry at any point during the day.  That's why the grumpiness and quick to frustration of today just frustrated me all the more!! 

Prayers, please, from my sweet readers that tomorrow will be a better, happier day!

Good night!


  1. Awwwww honey!!! This is completely normal!! I did 21-day fasts the first 3 weeks of January every year for several years and went a month or longer a few times. How you felt today is normal and it WILL pass. You're just gonna have days like this sometimes. Keep fighting the good fight. It WILL be SO worth it!!!

    I love you. You are amazing. <3 <3 <3



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