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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week Three: Day Six (written on day seven)

Sorry I didn't write last night!!  We had a new tradition "Family Movie Night", where we watched a movie through our projector on the wall!  Very excited for the kids and really fun for us parents, too.  When the movie was over and the kids were in bed, I was too tired to recall my day.  Ha, ha!

FOOD and DRINK:  Shake for breakfast, Meal bar for dinner, yogurt for morning snack (tried Weight Watchers, not as filling as Yoplait light), pistachios for afternoon snack, and I was all geared up to have a bag of 100-calorie popcorn for late snack with the kids and their popcorn for movie night, but the timing didn't fit so I just ate a SF snack bar.  I got all my water in for the day, too.  For lunch I made a can of chicken noodle soup (140 cals), added in another 4 ounces of cut up chicken (110 cals), and a lean cuisine meal (250 cals).  It was delicious!

EXERCISE:  I am trying to think back to yesterday!  It was a very, very rainy day, so I ran to Michael's (store) in the morning and purchased some things for a fun rainy day activity!  I bought white kids' t-shirts and glow-in-the-dark puffy paint.  We let the kids decorate their own shirts and then set them out to dry.  (future note: they wore them to church today!  so cute)

 Now, this is not exercise, but running around the table to try to keep them from decorating the floor and chairs kind of felt like working out!  Ha, ha.  In the afternoon I took Jack and Zoe to the grocery store for a couple of things...we walked the entire store a couple times because I forgot to bring my list and kept remembering things randomly.  That's really all I did that even comes close to burning extra calories. 

TIPS/ISSUES:  I am really looking forward to eating breakfast next week!  I still enjoy eating lunch and creating 500-calorie meals and not feeling hungry even throughout each evening, BUT I am excited to see if I have more energy through the whole day if I eat earlier.  I am also planning to compare the pounds lost.  I think the middle part of my day this week has been SO all about "what am I going to eat for lunch?", that it's still a little bit like the way I used to think about food.  Just obsessing.  This way, I can plan my breakfast at night while I'm distracting myself from the kids' and Shaun eating dinner, then just eat it in the morning and not have to think about actual food for the rest of the day.  Looks good to me on paper, anyway!  I do feel my mind shifting a bit and focusing less on food and more on other things.  Like rainy day activities!  :)

I will write more this evening.

Good night (day)!

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