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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week Five: Day Three

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging every day.  I have had a hard time with this Atkins!!  It has always been easy for me to do in the past, but I also have always gone about it with the same "sick" mind of just eating constantly, making sure it's only protein and veggies.  This time, however, I have been doing so much healing and working so hard at NOT eating just to pass the time.  I get paranoid about eating anything, but then I get nervous I am not eating enough!!  I am going to finish out this week just doing what I'm doing (details below), and I will make a decision (if necessary) on Monday when I see the numbers on the scale.  I really, really wanted this blog to show several different dieting options and how they work and offer up tips for others thinking about trying those options.  I will think more on Monday.  Or not.  :)  I'm sure some loss of pounds would entice me to keep up with the Atkins for at least a couple more weeks!! 

On the exercise front, I have been doing pretty well there.  My routine is laid out as follows:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 10 minute lower body circuit, 10 minute upper body circuit.  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - 10 minute cardio, 50 crunches.  The 10 minute routines are all on the 30-day Body Makeover DVD from Gold's Gym.  Let me tell you - I realize it's only the first few days, but these little 10 minutes are TOUGH!!  :)  Now the weather is clearing up, I am definitely going to be walking a lot more as well.  Sundays I would like to have a goal of walking 2 miles.  I will up this as it gets easier, but I'm going to start small. 

FOOD:  I have even cut out coffee at this point, so I literally only drink water.  Cold water, through a straw, a minimum of 80 ounces a day.  On the food front, I have been eating scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage every morning.  Heavy, right?  I'm totally fine with my breakfast.  It fills me up, tastes good, does the job.  Moving on to the rest of my day...this is when the "fear" sets in.  I have been eating salads with protein (chicken or ground beef is what I have an abundance of this week in the house), very little dressing, snacking on cheese cubes or Almond Accents (soooo good).  For dinner last night I made soup for the kids and Shaun and I split a grilled chicken salad with caesar dressing.  Shaun got all the croutons.  :)  FYI - I made this salad.  The way I typed it sounded kind of like I ordered it from somewhere!  Heaven forbid!  Ha, ha, ha.  In all seriousness, I am quite proud of my family...we have all been fast food free for this entire dieting process!!  Shaun even had to go to a Burger King with his co-worker and didn't eat anything.  He said the smell wasn't even appealing anymore.  Yay!  This coming from a family that was all about convenience food.  At least once a week.  The kids don't even ask about "Old MacDonald's" when we drive by those golden arches anymore.  Major progress.

Exercise I talked about above and I think I divulged all my "issues", as well!  I am looking forward to seeing how I end this week and moving forward from there.  I did discover Atkins shakes and bars.  This may be a good way for me to not have to think so much about how much or when I am eating.  We'll see...they aren't exactly cheap! 

Good night (day)!!

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