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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week Six: Day Two

Okay.  I'm hitting a reset button tonight.  I'm planning to start blogging in the mornings to get my day started off well...I will be typing positive affirmations about the day ahead and letting you know how the previous day went.  I promise to get back to blogging every day.  It is quite obvious to me now - I NEED IT. 

Atkins has not been working for me.  Unfortunately, as I touched on a bit, it is allowing me to still obsess about food and eat and eat and eat - as long as there are no carbs in what I am scarfing, I have been just going to town.  Then, I start to feel guilty.  This is no way to feel.  I should feel empowered!  I have lost almost 20 pounds!  I should feel beautiful!  Friends and family have been noticing my weight loss!  I got a lovely manicure and my hair is super cute.  Know how I've been feeling the past couple days?  Lousy.  Unattractive.  Tired.  "HUNGRY".  I have been super quick to get angry, yelling.  It's just not a good look for me!  I thought I left this girl behind!!  I have been watching a new show on A & E called Heavy and it has reminded me that there is so much more to dieting than just watching what you eat.  It is a mental game, as well.  You have to search for the "meaning" behind your food addiction and treat it.  Otherwise, the weight may get lost, but it will likely find it's way back again.  This all boils down to the devil.  Seriously.  He finds a moment of weakness and attacks!  Ugh.  I just wish he would leave me alone!

So, I am declaring this evening an official reset.  I am going to eat dinner with my family and not count calories or carbs or anything.  I'm going to enjoy my favorite tv night and I will begin with the Special K cereal diet in the morning.  I am prepared with boxes of cereal and skim milk and fruit and the snack bars.  I intend to blog every morning about the day's plans, and I will also tell you how the day before went!  As of now I am planning Special K diet for 1 week, then I am starting the Right Size smoothies.  If you haven't heard of these, I will give more details next week.

Thank you for reading and continuing to follow my journey.  I realize these moments could occur again, but I am not planning a regular "reset" night.  I will just take life as it comes and intend to move forward with weight LOSS. 

Good night!


  1. Keep it up girl! I am mentally challenged too with all this and want to lose 30lbs by the end of the year. I gained back what I lost at WW a couple years ago, still kept off about 5-10lbs, but 15-20 is back (I vary that 5lbs each week it seems). I am down 2lbs this week so far. I'm trying to do what my doctor told me. Fruit, veggie, protien....and a fruit with each meal no matter what. I am still trying hard with portions but doing ok lately, but that is where the mental comes in. If I'm "on" I watch my portions, if I'm "off" I look the other way on larger size portions. Tonight I did the WW 1/2 plate green, 1/4 chicken(baked) and 1/4 fruit (this was more dr than WW). I feel satisfied and I'm sure the full glass of water helped too. I find it hard to get the water I need in a day.

    I know with kids there it is hard to lose, but I find it worse when I snack at work from boredom, I'm not sure which is worse......

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Audrey,
    I think your calorie-counting will serve you well. It seems that bouncing from one 'plan' to another week-to-week may be stimulating your appetite more! I heard last week that the UK has embraced Weight Watchers and will pay through their national health insurance for membership if prescribed by a doctor! See if one of your friends has the new plan. Don't lose heart. This requires a 212 degree effort. Remember
    At 211 degrees, water is hot.
    At 212, it boils.
    With boiling water comes steam.
    And steam can power a locomotive.
    And...it's that one extra degree that makes all the difference!

  3. Sweetie... both comments are right on... with the new WW program fruit is "free"... the US allows you to deduct all your WW meeting fees. Too bad we don't have National Health Insurance, but my insurance plan pays for a portion of a weight loss program... I honestly think a consistent plan that will guide you to overall, healthy eating is safer and will be much more satisfying. You should not be hungry, or having to sacrifice having meals with your family in order to lose weight.

    20 lbs is great!! You rock!! Can't wait to see the new you!! xoxoxxo


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