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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Running Partner!

I just got back from a simple, yet super great, work out!!  A girl who works at my parent's restaurant and has become a friend since I moved to town, had asked me if she could start running with me.  After discussing her history of running and her comfort level regarding distance and speed, we decided to give it a shot!  I have jumped on the Runner's World challenge of at least one mile per day between Thanksgiving and Christmas...I "joined" late, but I only missed two days so far!!  I think it's okay considering the day between my two "off" days I ran 10.5 miles, right?  :) 

Anyway, quickly I will recap the past couple of days so this posting will be in chronological order...for those who might need that kind of structure.  Monday was a great day!  I did turn a new leaf!  I started to walk the kids to the park, pushing the three in the double stroller again, but when we were about a half mile into it, a friend saw us and picked us up to drive us the rest of the way.  Since that work-out didn't happen, I called my sister and asked if she would like to begin the Couch to 5K program that evening...after trying a couple of excuses out, she finally agreed.  Ha!  She even tried texting me at the last minute to say she didn't have any running shoes...as if I was going to let that one work.  I allowed her to wear my super speedy favorite Kinvaras.  Lucky girl, right??  So, we went to a school parking lot and completed W1D1.  Hooray!!  I ran an extra lap during cool down for good measure.  Joann did awesome.  She didn't complain and even did an extra minute because my math was a little off.  LOL  Hooray!!  She had to work tonight, so I believe we are meeting up tomorrow night for day 2.  She will do day 3 of each week on her own over the weekend, but I think she is up for meeting 2 nights a week.

Last night I needed to do a mile, but really wanted to do 2.  As soon as Shaun got home, I ran out the door and headed down my  usual street...and it began to get darker and darker and darker FAST.  Faster than I was running!!  So, I turned around at the marina and just ran as fast as I could to get home.  Unfortunately, I had started my stop watch, but inadvertently stopped it when I wanted to look down to see how long I had been running....at 4 minutes, 37 seconds.  So, I know my distance ended up being 1.56 miles, but I have no idea how long that took.  Oh well, I felt fast.  I didn't walk any of it (except when I got stuck behind a dog-walker and had to wait for several cars to pass so I could cross the road)...the 4:37 I am assuming was when I tried to push the "light" button and that wasn't too far before I turned around.  Whatever. 

So, tonight.  We walked almost a full mile to the high school track near "new friend" Jenn's house.  I had read about some speed training to change up track workouts, but I wasn't really sure if either of us was at a good point to try some of them!!  I started off by running a 400m "sprint" in 1:49.  Then, I walked a lap while Jen sprinted a lap - in 1:42!!!  She's speedy!  So, we walked a full lap and decided we weren't feeling the speed work for the evening.  We agreed to jog a mile and then reassess our plan.  Our jogged mile was exactly that, a very light jog.  Easy 4 laps around the track, chatting the whole time and barely breaking a sweat.  It was pretty cold outside, but we really just took it easy.  Our time at the end of that mile was 10:12.  Both of us agreed we could have kept going, for sure.  We walked a lap and decided to run a second mile, pushing ourselves a little bit more and aiming for a finish time of 9:30 or faster.  As I said, this is our first time to run together, so even though I know I can run miles faster than that and SHE has run miles faster than that, she said she was sort of out of practice - not to mention she had been to Gold's Gym earlier in the day! - and I didn't want either of us to be in pain at the end.  So, we got back to running...chatting a little bit less, but still talking pretty regularly.  She is another tall runner (taller than me!)...long stride...it was awesome.  Running with someone who kept pulling slightly ahead of me was very, very motivating.  It is much as I imagine running with Jenn H. would be!  (will be one day)   :)

So, we finished our second mile in 8:55!  Both of us still feeling good.  We walked a 1/2 lap around the track and then ran 100 meters backwards, walked 100 meters, ran another 100 backwards, and walked another 100.  Then we did sideways "shuffling"...200 meters total with 100 meters between each.  We finished out our final lap and then walked back to her house.  It was a great work out!  When I got home I had a whey shake with strawberries, blueberries, and spinach leaves.  And some carrots to make sure I got my full 7 fruits/veggies in for the day! 

What a great day!  I have to admit I am feeling a little guilty about missing bedtime every night this week so far.  :(  Shaun has been doing great, though, and I know the kids understand mommy is out running, so at least it's not like they think I'm out "partying" or something, right?  I have been very intentional about spending time with them each day, getting down on the floor and playing, doing some crafts, coloring, etc.  We have had some great days this week...it has even caused me to spend a little more time with Shaun than usual because I come home from running and have a little bit of energy to sit up and watch tv with him for a bit. 

As I type this, he is asleep in the chair and I'm pretty sure the remote is underneath his butt and he has left one of my least favorite shows on the tv.  :P

Christmas Town 8K this Sunday!  I am very excited.  I think we're going to be able to leave town at noon on Saturday, so I'm thinking we will spend the whole afternoon together just hanging out in Williamsburg and probably drinking some beers and eating some yummy food.  :)  If we can get to sleep by 10-ish, I should be fine for the race at 8:30 am, right?? 

Okay, I just ran out of steam.  Good night!!


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  1. Well hello! You had me at "Four kids in 3 1/2 years. :) Thanks for the follow and I'm anxious to read up on yours too. Have a fabulous day! Jessica



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