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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Week 38: Day 2

Ohhhhh, Week 38!!  Gettin' down to the wire! 

I think I can safely say I won't be hitting the 80 pounds lost mark, but I'm totally okay with it.  I would be super happy to hit the 60 pounds gone, though!!  I'm purposely not really weighing in (outside of Shrinkvivor Wednesdays)...I have begun a strict diet plan today, so hopefully my weight on the morning of November 21, 2011, will be at 178.5 or less!!!  I'm not going to report my weight here until then, ok?  Leave you all in a little bit of suspense....duh-duh-duh.

The past several days (weeks? months? years?) I have been surrounded by more whining and crying than one person should EVER have to handle.  Seriously.  The twins turn 4 in two weeks and I am seriously praying for a miraculous change in attitude.  Zoe turned 2 on Sunday, and she appears to have figured out that everyone tries to "fix it" when she cries.  My oldest, Conner, has hit a sensitive stage?  Or...just a "wanna be an only child" phase?  Actually, this morning he told me he wanted a baby brother so Zoe could have someone to play with.  No idea where that came from!  By the way - he ain't gettin' it.  ;)

Then there is the 5th child's whining.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, well....lucky you.

Anyway, I finished my recap of the Screamin' 5K, right?  So, Sunday morning I headed out for the Zombie Run!!  It was really cool.  I can't wait to have some actual running friends in this town to share these events with.  There were some great costumes - from both the runners AND the zombies!  At sign-up, there was the option of paying an extra $20 to get professionally made over as a zombie and those people looked fantastic.  I signed up as a runner, so I dressed in a plaid short skirt, white button down, and my letter jacket from high school.  Awesome, right??  It was freakin' cold, so I was happy to have the jacket on, but it wasn't such a helpful article of clothing when I began sweating.  Hahaha.  The leather sleeves were colder!  So, this race was chip-timed, but I couldn't decide if I wanted to really run for the time, or try to not get "eaten".  All runners had a ribbon taped to their back and the zombies were going to be released from the starting line 90 seconds after us...when the mayor (yep, Charlottesville mayor!) yelled "RUN!" we all took off!  I was at the very front, so I had to sprint to keep up and not get trampled, but I quickly remembered that THAT is not my pace.  Haha.  I tried to slow down, but there were SO many people running SO fast...it was crazy!!  I didn't wear my Garmin, so I have no idea how far I got in what amount of time, but I promise you I would have won a 100-yard dash.  As we got out into the neighborhood we hit some hills.  Some tough hills...I slowed waaaay down and then I heard "Zombies!  They're coming!"  It actually generated some real fear in my belly.  Is that hilarious?  Well, I noticed a kid had already gotten his ribbon taken, so I told him I was going to run right in front of him so the zombies would have a hard time getting mine.  The strategy worked for...oh...20 seconds?  A zombie reached over for my ribbon and I darted sideways, but then got caught by another on!  ARGH!  Once my ribbon was gone, it was really hard to keep up the motivation to run.  My legs were pretty much freaking out about the super speed in the beginning (and the freezing temps and no stretching?), and we hit another crazy hill.  I had my cell phone in my pocket, so I started texting Shaun at home to tell him I was already out.  I seriously considered calling my mom to have her come pick me up.  Hahaha.  Then, I remembered I had arranged my running schedule to do 3 miles that day, so I figured what the hell, I would just finish.  It was a really, really, really fun race.  Next year, however, I will sign up as a zombie.  I think it would be way more motivating to run the whole time if you had a goal of getting the most ribbons, right?  I had also considered lining up behind the zombie wave, but there were a lot of walkers and it was too cold to be out there for too long! 

My official time was 34:00 even.  Cool, right?  Especially cool since that was my basketball jersey number the year I got the letter jacket.  Hahahaha!!!  That was my freshman year, and I was bumped to #54 when I made varsity the next year...maybe that will be my next 10K time?

I had to cancel my 15K in December, and I am truly, truly bummed.  It is in D.C. which is "only" 2 1/2 hours away, but it is still 2 1/2 hours away and packet pick-up is Friday, and we cannot afford a hotel room, and I don't want to drive there and back twice.  Not to mention, the race starts early in the morning, so I would have to leave crazy early...lots of reasons to not do it.  But I am still sad.  :(

I have signed up for 2 local 5K's, however, and I have jumped in to week 8 of Jeff Galloway's marathon training schedule (which is 30 weeks long!).  The first 5K is November 19th in Richmond (one hour away)...it's the Dunkin' Donuts Munchkin race!  Yum, yum, yum.  They will have munchkins (the donuts, not wizard of oz) at the water stops.  Or stop, right?  Either way, it's the first annual, so I'm pretty excited to be a part of it...and this family LOVES the munchkins. 

Second 5K is a turkey trot on Thanksgiving.  Shaun will run with me, and I'm hoping my sister and her boyfriend will at least come out with my kids because it appears to be a VERY family friendly event with a free kids 1/2 mile run!  Both of these fit in to my schedule.  I couldn't find  any half marathons to fit in, but I plan to look in January and February to make one of my 6 mile runs correspond with a 10K.  I have to space out all the spending....luckily, the Donut 5K is only $15 (nice!) and the Turkey Trot is $27.  I am working an extra night this weekend because my mom is going out of town, so that will cover those.

Well, Halloween was pretty fun last night.  We didn't buy costumes, just sort of threw ideas out there for the kids and let them put stuff together themselves.  Hilarious.  At first, I had Henry dressed as a Christmas tree - tree skirt around his waist, a strand of lights wrapped around (and around and around) his torso, and stockings hung from his shirt! - but then he saw a Superman cape and ripped everything off to be Superman instead.  :(  Not before I took a picture, though!  (have lost my camera to computer cord, sigh)

The kids ran to every house on our street (about 8-10?) and then we hung out at home to hand out candy.  They thought that was just as much fun!  Ha.  I let them eat candy until 6:30 (we went out at 5:30), and then I took the bags away and hid them and would you believe not one child has asked about their candy since?  My husband, however, will be in heaven for at least a few days...snacking on the leftovers.  Luckily, candy isn't my "thing".  I like it, don't get me wrong...but I am way more tempted by that brand new loaf of white bread in the kitchen.  Sad.

Well, that's it for today.  I will let you know my weight tomorrow since I have to check-in for Shrinkvivor, but then I will not tell you again until the end of the 40 weeks!  So exciting!!

By the way, I will still be blogging when the 40 weeks is up...I have all new goals to reach, after all.  So no worries, I'll still be here rambling....    :)


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