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Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 38: Day 5

Good morning!!

Some blogs I follow do a "Three Things Thursday", but I missed out, so I'm doing "Four Fings Friday".

1.  Shrinkvivor:  I gotta say, I'm pretty very disappointed to report I was sent to Exile Island last night.  I'm mostly sad because the other 2 girls left were either up in weight (3 lbs) or down just a tiny amount (.2) and both had less exercise minutes than me.  This leads me to believe one or both put my name down as a "vote" which we had all agreed to NOT do each week.  Whatever.  I realize it is just a game, and compared to all the others I likely would not have made it another week...I hate to lose.  And I have zero motivation to care now!  Exile Island will have it's own "winner", but there are a lotta lotta ladies on the Island (and even some guys, I believe)...

2.  HBBC:  I have joined another online challenge that seems to be a bit more suited to the direction my "journey" has taken me!  It's called the Holiday Bootie Busting Challenge.  Yay!  If you will click on the picture at the top of my blog page on the right - says "HBBC" - that will take you to the web page where you can sign up or just read all about it.  Basically, we (contestants) will track MILES and/or fitness minutes from November 19 through January 6, and each week you will have to fill your points in to a spreadsheet.  Points are given for each mile run, 3 miles biked, 20 minutes of weigh-lifting, 15 minutes of low impact aerobics, 10 minutes of high impact aerobics, and each day you hit 7 servings of fruits and/or vegetables!  There will also be some mini challenges and questions on Facebook to get extra points.  Fun!!

3.  Dieting:  I'm sick of dieting.  Anybody else ever hit that "wall"?  It seems like I will decide on a plan and then get so obsessed and consumed with the allowed foods on that plan, that I "freak out" and just start eating!  Ridiculous.  I'm not even hungry when I'm eating...it's like a part of my brain thinks this food will all go bad.  It really is back to my old mentality.  The exact mentality that kept me from losing the weight earlier!  So...I made it, like, 30+ weeks of doing great, and now I'm right back where I started.  Granted, I'm 50+ pounds lighter, but you know what I mean?  My current "plan" is to only eat when I'm hungry and really, really focus on the veggies.  Fruit is so easy for me to eat, I'm trying to keep more greens around the house and just choose those first.  I also am remembering the "rules" from Jackie Warner's plan and I'm going to really focus on 4 "meals" a day, each one including some protein and nothing with sugars higher than 5 grams.

4.  Kids:  I have 4 kids, for those who are just joining.  Haha.  Conner is doing SO great in kindergarten!!!  He is learning to read!  And, like, REALLY reading!!!  It has made bedtime stories much more entertaining.  The twins, Jack and Henry, will be 4 in eleven days.  Zoe just turned 2.  These three wear me out every day...they are just bundles of uncertain energy!!  I say uncertain because they can't seem to figure out WHAT they want to do...rarely can I get everyone on the same page at the same time.  Including meals.  Here is an actual scenario from yesterday - first, I joined a new Bible study group (LOVE IT!), so we had that from 9-11.  The teacher in the daycare said the three were great and did wonderful.  We headed over to my mom's house for lunch.  She had made pasta and chicken and carrots - yum.  The kids were so excited to see her and be hanging out at her house (where anything goes, as opposed to our house where they have to take shoes off at the front door), they just could not sit still to eat lunch.  So, we packed up their lunch and took it home.  When we got home they wanted to play outside and the weather was perfect, so I let them be in the backyard.  Zoe asked for a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.  Anyone else?  No.  I make the sandwich, take it to Zoe, and now Jack and Henry want one, too.  I make them each a sandwich, take them outside, clean up Zoe's mess, go back to the kitchen to clean up MY mess, back outside and Jack has finished his sandwich.  Wants another one.  Head back to the kitchen, make another sandwich, take it to Jack...now Henry wants another one.  I sneakily turn the tv on as I head out to give Henry his sandwich so they will see it and maybe come in for "naptime".  It sort of works.  All three gravitate towards the tv, and sit on the couch or chair, I get blankets and full sippy-cups and then they want their pasta from grandma's house!  Seriously?  Okay, bowls of pasta for the twins, string cheese for Zoe, head to the kitchen for a final clean-up and I was all of a sudden so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open!  I just knew, just knew, the three were going to fall asleep...I got excited about having time to take a quick nap before picking Conner up from the bus.  Yeah, no such luck.  No naps, poopy diaper for Zoe, more food requests from the twins...oh, boy, it was an exhausting day.  I thought I would skip my run in favor of a nap when Shaun got home, but I changed my mind at the last minute and went out for my scheduled 30 minute run.  I was super glad I did, but I was also very, very ready for bed after stories last night!! 

I have completely lost track of what I was talking about in the first place.  I met a woman at the park the other day who stays home with her 2 sons, aged 3 & 2, so we have invited them over for today.  I'm excited to make a friend who lives close, and from the little bit of talking we did the other day, I think our husbands will hit it off, too!  Fun!

Sorry for the rambling...here's a picture (found the cord!) of one way I tried to take the kids for a walk the other day.
That is a double stroller AND a single stroller. 
I thought maybe I could use Henry to push Zoe's stroller while I pushed the big one...
we made it to the end of our street and everyone was over it.

I tried a few different variations, but we just ended up running around the front yard together!  Ha!  When I pushed them to the park on Wednesday (1.7 miles), I just loaded the twins up in the back seat and Zoe in the front of the double stroller.  Thankfully, they were all munching on Halloween candy and happy to sit for almost the full 30 minutes it took me to get there.  I say "almost" because the whining started about 7 minutes from the park. 

Have a great day!

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  1. 1. ...I didn't even think of that. You're probably right. Shame. I'm going to check out the HBBC link. It's been kind of frustrating that the entire challenge was minutes. Get those miles in!


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