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Monday, November 21, 2011

40 Weeks Later...

You know what they say...a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Well, good.  Cause pictures are all I got this morning!

February 14, 2011
November 21, 2011
Not 80 pounds, but I'll take 54!  My toes even look thinner...that's crazy to me!  54 pounds also looks like this...
February 14, 2011                                      November 21, 2011
SAME PANTS!  That was fun.  Sorry, I couldn't find the shirt.

Whoa.  I like the sideways picture comparisons!  Yowzas.

So, I was trying to get pictures in ALL of the various outfits I had posted in the blog over time, but the kids weren't cooperating quite as much as I had thought they might.  Here is a cute outtake...

Sweet, silly Zoe.  I think I pretty much look the same in the "date night outfit".  I had totally hoped to wear that one out for my birthday, but now I don't even think I am comfortable enough in it to wear for our anniversary this Friday!  Oh well...there is always New Year's Eve.  :)

I have had so many thoughts about what to post at this point.  I will not be a very regular blogger in the upcoming days/weeks/months.  Basically, I have been putting Jesus first in my life and the things I have been convicted of since then are pretty mind-blowing. 

I will continue to run because it continues to be my most special time with God.  Lately I have even been turning off my ipod mid-run just to make sure I am able to "hear" when He has something to say. 

This isn't coming out quite the way I had hoped, but I have a sleepy 4-year old driving me crazy in one ear and my thoughts aren't as smooth as they might be at another time...my main point it, the "other time" when I do have silence and peace and calm (hahahaha, at least some variation of those!) - that time needs to be spent in meditation reading my Bible.  Not obsessing about my blog.

I'm not quitting entirely, however.  I will continue to update dailymile for the HBBC Run To The Finish challenge, and I will likely post occasionally with stats about a run or a race or just to let you know how my training is going.  I plan to weigh myself once a month until another 15 pounds is gone...I want to see 169 SO SO SO bad.  And I will one day.  In the meantime, my running goals are more important.  And loftier! 

Thank you all so much for reading along these past 40 weeks.  I am most definitely a changed woman.  I feel better.  I have more energy.  I choose to do things the "hard" way (ie, push the kids in a stroller almost 2 miles to the park rather than just play in the yard!) in order to get myself more exercise and to show the kids that you CAN do anything.  I may not have lost the full 80 pounds, but I did show myself that I could concentrate and change things DRASTICALLY in a short period of time.  I have more mountains to climb (maybe even literal ones?), and I know more obstacles will present themselves, but I feel stronger and far more equipped to embark on the rest of my life.

If you have been struggling with something - ANYTHING - just know this...

Philippians 4:13 (NIV)
I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.
It is the TRUTH.  It is the WAY.  And, I promise you, I would be nothing without my Bible by my side...leading me in all things. 

Have a great day!!

P.S.  Dunkin Donuts 5K mini-recap coming tomorrow!
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  1. Wow! What a difference you have made in your life! Great job on losing those 54 lbs! What a great example you are setting for your kids too!

  2. I am so proud of you!! I am amazed to watch God work in your life, and it blesses me tremendously. I love you!

  3. A-friggin'-mazing! You look marvelous! I love it!

    Congrats on all your hard work. :) You look amazing!


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