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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 38: Day 2 (Shrinkvivor Check-In!)

Good morning!!

Weight is 185 today.  Boo.  No big deal, though, I am on it!!  Yesterday I did a pretty good job of sticking to my "plan".  Basically, during a moment of stressing about putting a few pounds on, I wrote out what I can eat for the rest of the week.  I hung the pages on the fridge, and I mark things off as I eat them during the day.  This weekend I will make a more official "plan" - like, following an actual diet - but for now, I think this is what I need.

306 fitness minutes, though!  I think that is the highest so far in the challenge!  Hooray!  Here's my breakdown of those...

Wednesday (10/26) - 60 minutes of combined walking/running.  Mom watched the kids for me while I headed out to a local trail. 
Thursday (10/27) - recovery from birthday fun.  Nada movement.  :)
Friday (10/28) - Walk with the kids in the stroller for a total of 70 minutes (once in the morning, once in the afternoon)
Saturday (10/29) - 5K in the freezing rain, 26:41 official time, continued to walk for 10 minutes afterwards (thank God the rain let up!), Took a fast paced walk with Shaun to pick up my zombie packet 20 minutes
Sunday (10/30) - Zombie 5K, walk/jogged for 5 minutes beforehand, 34:00 official time, continued to walk for 10 minutes afterward
Monday (10/31) - Halloween!  Trick or Treating with the kids was a nice 30 minute walk! 
Tuesday (11/1) - 30 minute run on the schedule ended up being a 30 minute run, plus 5 minute warm up, 5 minute cool down.

This week's challenge is fitness MINUTES again.  I really enjoyed taking the kids out walking with the stroller...our neighborhood is great for it and we are only about 1.25 miles from a really cute playground.  The weather has been super nice this week and today and tomorrow look like perfect park days!  Hooray!  My own personal goal is to get some cross training in there...even if it is just situps and pushups.  Jeff Galloway recommends doing non-leg exercises on "rest" days...

That's all I got today! 


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  1. You motivate me. Seeing your "185" number made me thirst to see it on my own scale.

    Sooooo...thanks. :)

  2. Great job on the exercise minutes this week! You did AWESOME!! Love nice fall days where we can get outside with the kids - makes it easier to exercise outside!


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