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Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 39: Day 5 (remember tomorrow?)

Good morning!

I have been thinking about something as I pretend to "sleep in" this morning.  My one request last night was that nobody wake me up today...oh well.  Maybe tomorrow. 

This leads me to my topic...remembering tomorrow.  One of the twins, Henry, is often asking me "remember tomorrow?  remember it rained?"  I try to explain to him that tomorrow hasn't happened yet, so I can't remember it.  He means yesterday, of course.  But this morning, as I prayed, God put that phrase on my heart.  I have been kicking myself lately about my food choices.  Going back and forth between really wanting to eat "clean" and really wanting some Goldfish crackers or cookies or creamer in my coffee.  (I got Shaun that new Almond Joy creamer and have so far resisted temptation, but he says it is awesome.)  God reminded me today to "Remember Tomorrow."

     - Tomorrow there will be pizza.
     - Tomorrow there will be a football game.
     - Tomorrow there will be birthday cupcakes.
     - Tomorrow there will be ridiculously delicious, fantastic food at my parent's restaurant!

Just because something is in my face, doesn't mean I have to indulge today!  Tomorrow I will have an opportunity to eat or enjoy everything I want right now.  Tomorrow I will have an opportunity to eat or enjoy everything I want right now.  See?  Too often we obsess about the things we can't have or the things we really, really feel we are entitled to. 

It's my birthday, why should I say no to cake?
It's Friday, why not have "one more" drink?
I was home all day long with the kids, I deserve a break.
I ran __ miles today...I can eat whatever I want!

We start to feel like we are missing out on something because we say "no".  I really need to start remembering there is a tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will be at my goal weight and I absolutely will justify that extra helping at dinner (and breakfast, and lunch, and snack).  However, TODAY, I feel crappy.  My stomach hurts.  I am tired even though it was a rest day from running.  I am grumpy with the kids.  If I meditate on these three thoughts (from yesterday), I can see where they stem from.  I ate junk for the past couple of days...starting off with a great, healthy breakfast, and then going downhill as the day progressed.  I allowed myself "treats" because I was frustrated with the kids.  The kids were being frustrating because they wanted to play and be interacted with, while all I wanted was to play Words with Friends on the computer.  Conner missed the bus yesterday morning so I didn't get the 30 minutes I have become accustomed to in the morning for my computer game time!  I was tired and grumpy because I was CHOOSING to sit down every chance I got and then the kids would inevetably need something which would require me standing up again.  It was a horrible day.  I can just go on the record with that statement.

However, late last night when they had all, finally, gone to bed, I remembered tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will do better.  Tomorrow I will keep the computer upstairs in a room I don't enter during the day.  Tomorrow I will play with the kids.  Tomorrow I will turn off the television and get the kids running around the house (like I did yesterday!) and burn off some of their extra energy.  Tomorrow I will let them play outside - even if it's raining - and laugh with them, and run a nice bath to warm their bones when they are ready to come back inside.  Tomorrow I will stay out of the kitchen and remind myself there will be another tomorrow when I can snack all day and watch crappy daytime tv.

**I do realize "tomorrow" is not a guarantee, by the way.  I may not get pizza and football and birthdays in heaven, but I think it's going to be waaaayyy better than all that up there, anyway, right?  I know something completely unforeseen could happen and I may not be around "tomorrow", but I don't think "depriving" (for lack of a better word) myself of fatty foods and lazy time is something I would regret should "tomorrow" not come to me.  Right?

That's all for this morning.  :)  Have a great day!!!  TODAY!  I know I will...


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  1. By chance were you wearing striped knee socks at the race on Saturday?

    Thanks for your comment, I think I will email the race director!


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