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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 39: Day 3

Good morning!!

To those who may not know me in "real life", I will tell you all that I am most definitely NOT a morning person.  I hate mornings.  I don't exactly know why...truthfully, I think I just hate being woken up.  No matter what time of day!  So, this morning when I heard yelling from the boys' room of "Mommy!  Mom!  Mom!  Moooohhhh-hum!" I furiously whipped back the sheets and stormed into their room.  My sister baby-sat last night and the twins didn't wear pull-ups to bed (they said it was because she didn't make them, I call bulls*** on that because they are almost 4 and they totally know to sleep in pull-ups!!), so their beds are soaked and the room reeks of pee and did I mention I hate being woken up?  Especially when it's dark outside and warm under my blankets!!!  I said some very mean words and went back to my bed.  Where I laid with my eyes wide open furious at myself for being so mean to my sweet little ones who also didn't want to be up so early, but what else could they do when they are soaked in pee, right?  I did the right thing.  I got back up, and went back to the boys and got them undressed and their sheets off the bed and clean clothes put on them.  All of this at 5:45 am.  YUK.  Nobody was going back to bed, so we came downstairs and the whining began..."I'm hungry!  I'm tired!  I don't want to wear long sleeves!  Can I go to the bus stop?" 

Thank God for Keurig. 

I got my coffee and made oatmeal for everyone.  Once they were all seated and semi-quiet, I realized I was up early enough to get my 30 minute scheduled run out of the way.  Oh, yay.  35 degrees outside?  Yep.  Sun up enough to see where I'm running?  Uh-huh.  Awesome.

So, I ran.  Who the heck have I become?  I was talking with a friend about who I was just one year ago...shoot, 6 years ago today I found out I was pregnant with Conner.  This also marked the day I quit smoking.  Another cute story I remembered about 6 years ago...Shaun and I had been living together for about 6 weeks or so (I know, I know, do the math, whatever), and he told me his ex-girlfriend (who he had been with for 6 1/2 years!!) lived at the apartment community directly next door to ours.  Which our balcony faced.  Then he told me while I was out on the balcony smoking that I might see his ex running one day.  I said to him, "She's a runner?  Seriously?  Oh great...probably smoking hot and all skinny.  I hate her."  I had (and still haven't) never met her, and I just assumed all runners were sexy...because they run.  Something I had never had any interest in.  Hahaha.  Little did I know, right?  Not all runners are "sexy".  Hahahahaha.  :)  Sorry.  What I really meant was, I had no idea who I would become over the next several years. 

Anyway, I quit smoking on this day 6 years ago when I learned I was pregnant with my first child.  5 years ago I was enjoying my life with one sweet newborn son who just lit up my life.  I was living in Michigan and couldn't have cared less about my diet/exercise program - or lack thereof.  My life was all about Conner.  4 years ago I was way pregnant with twins, expecting every day to be THE day.  3 years ago I was likely looking forward to the new year, so I could go on a diet.  The twins were almost 1 and we had just moved into a new house and I loved my job and I thought things were going along well!  I used to be a big fan of "starting tomorrow".  "Oh...Thanksgiving is coming up and then Christmas, so I'll just eat what I want and then start my dieting on January 1st."  2 years ago I had a newborn baby, no job, and made the decision to be a stay at home mom.  Wowzas.  I figured I would naturally lose weight since I'd be "chasing children" all day. 

One short year ago, I was depressed about my weight, but would constantly watch shows, like Biggest Loser, to compare myself to larger people and say, "At least I'm not THAT bad."  I no longer had the nursing excuse for the extra calories, but I was so tired.  All the time.  The kids were hard to manage, our house was too small, we never had any money...the excuses were never-ending.  Then, of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas were right around the corner. 

Today I ran 3.2 miles in 35 degree weather.  I live in an amazing, beautiful house that is the perfect size for my (sort of) large family.  I am looking forward to the holidays because I now live in a town (very) close to my parents and sister and other relatives, and I'm considering having the entire family meet up at a 5K race nearby with a 1/2 mile kids' run!  My kids are all at an age where we can talk about what we want to do.  They can express themselves to me and let me know how they are feeling.  (ok, being honest, they don't always make sense, but it's definitely better than years past!)  I am not 100% happy with my weight, but I am significantly happi-ER about my body shape.  I am learning to not obsess about food, just eat when I am hungry.  I will throw away the kids' leftovers instead of worrying about "wasting" and just shoveling it into my mouth.

Hmmm...this post took a little bit of a strange turn.  :)  Sorry about that! 

Someone mentioned I haven't posted a progress pic in a while...this one is from September 17th.  We were heading out to the zoo and I didn't feel like shaving my legs.  Hahahaha.  That is my excuse for the socks!  But, I kinda like the "look", right? 

I plan on getting pictures next weekend in all of my "before" picture outfits.  Fun!

Have a great day,
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  1. You are looking fantastic Audrey, seriously! Reading your post made me tear up a bit because I wish we were closer to our family. The holidays are always SO hard for me because we aren't. I miss them!

    As far as the "math" involved in baby-making and moving in, we have that too. We got married June 3rd, and found out we were pregnant like a month and a half later. Hah. People always comment about our honeymoon baby!

  2. OK, you rock the look and yay for getting up and out the door!

    I *love* when my sister babysits. Last time she let the girls go to bed in full face makeup, smelling like the Macy's perfume counter. I still have pillowcases with lipstick on them....

  3. Great post, Audrey! Love how you have changed your outlook! Btw, I hate mornings too!

  4. congrats for thinking of all the amazing things you have!!! I used to not be a morning person, but I stuck with it and man now I just get up, sans alarm any day of the week


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