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Monday, November 28, 2011

"New" Leaf

Okay, it's Monday.  My most favorite "starting over" day of the week!! 

Following a very full Thanksgiving 4 day weekend, I am feeling tired and bloated and unsure of my parenting abilities.  Shaun did NOT have any extra days off, so Thursday and Friday were a little stressful.  I worked an extra night (Saturday) at the restaurant in the hopes it would help me blow off some steam...didn't really work. 

Anyway, today is Monday!  It's Monday!  A new week!  4 weeks until Christmas...3 1/2 weeks until Christmas break begins.  Oy. 

Plenty of time to get my diet back under control, establish some routines for the little ones, focus on my Bible every.single.day.  Let's do this!!

The plan?  First and foremost, Bible study with the kids.  Yesterday marked the beginning of Advent, and I am planning to head out to Target this evening to get a kid-friendly daily devotional book AND an elf on the shelf.  I am planning to just apply the things I have learned over the past many months regarding healthy food choices - eating what is healthy AND fills me up.  Stop eating when I am full.  You know, the basics.  Ha, ha!

I have contacted a potential running coach about maybe getting a new plan begun.  I like the Jeff Galloway method, but I'm worried it might be the wrong one for me.  We'll see what she has to say...in the meantime, I will get out 2-3 times per week for 30 minute runs and tackle the long runs on the weekend.  This upcoming Sunday I will be running an 8K in Williamsburg, VA.  Fun!!

Speaking of Williamsburg, Shaun and I are heading there for an overnight stay this weekend in celebration of our 6th wedding anniversary.  We are both very excited to spend a night out.  Something we haven't done (together) since kids entered our lives!!!

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving weekend!!! 


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  1. Have a great night away! I know how rare those are and what a nice treat!!

  2. love the attitude!! I hope this week is going great!


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