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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week Two: Day Two

MEAL PLAN:  Slim Fast.  Coffee and shake for breakfast, Slim Fast bar for snack, shake for lunch, handful of cashews for snack, and let me just tell you about dinner!  Pounded chicken flat, topped it with spinach, cheese, and ham, then rolled it up and baked it.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It was awesome.  I cooked up some mixed vegetables and sat down to my feast!  The kids were only minorly excited about chicken with spinach, but I could barely hear their whining over the sounds of "mmmmmm" in my head.  Ha, ha.  I was pretty hungry today, but I am feeling good that I made it through another day!

EXERCISE:  I took the kids to Bounce U today.  For non-Nashvillians, it's a kid play area with huge inflatables.  They have open bounce for aged 6 and under for two hours and it is the ticket to wearing children out!!! 

Sadly, it wore me out pretty darn good, too.  :)  I was standing by watching them bounce for a minute and then remembered, "Always be moving!"  So, I got in the "dodgeball inflatable" with them and bounced and ran and got hit with all sorts of dodgeballs for about 10 minutes.  That was all I could take.  I was sweating, breathing hard, a little light-headed.  Whew!!!  We headed over to the HUGE slide and carrying 27 pounds of wiggly 16 month old turned out to be quite the workout, as well.  Good times, though.  Thankfully my mom is still in town, so I got to nap right alongside with the boys this afternoon.  This evening I got a nice massage from my own personal masseuse...

BEVERAGES:  Drank all my water.  Yeehaw.  :)

ISSUES/TIPS:  Well, none now.  Earlier, after "lunch" (shake), I was super hungry and crabby because I was so exhausted from all the playing throughout the morning.  Sounds so pitiful!!  Anyway, after a nap and an awesome dinner, I'm feeling good!  I just ate my late snack of a Slim Fast bar and my final bottle of water, so my tummy is full, the kids are asleep, I have a GREAT tv lineup recorded and Shaun is gone to his hockey game.  Momma is in her happy place.  :)

Good night!

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