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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 6

Oh my, how we grilled today.  It was fabulous.  Just fabulous!  After brunch of a couple NY Strip Steaks (on sale, yay!) and some broccoli and cauliflower, I had to call my sister just to ooh and aah over how yummy everything was!  I stir fried some more steak a few hours later and put it in the soup and was in heaven.  :)  We ended our evening with some much larger strip steaks, broccolli, cauliflower, and carrots...I am quite contentedly sitting on the couch right now having a hard time figuring how I'm going to make it to bed tonight.  I'm stuffed!!

I had an idea for a new way of doing my posts.  I think I'm going to speak to the same few categories each evening.  Let me know what you think...

MEAL PLAN:  Well, you already know today was all beef and vegetables, and the soup, as much as you want.  This section will be where I will post that day's foods.  I did that up above, so I won't bore you with it all over again.  Ha!

EXERCISE:  Yeah, here's hoping I will have more to write here in the coming weeks.  Today I did 25 sit-ups!  Seriously I did.  Shaun didn't think I could do it...I could have kept going, but, you know, I had other things to do.  Or something.  I also rearranged and fully cleaned the play room.  Oh, don't discount the fact I did grocery shopping at TWO different stores today in order to make the most of my new attempt at couponing!  None of this really counts for anything, but this is where I will detail every little jumping jack I do each day. 

BEVERAGES:  I am trying to stay away from all carbonated beverages.  I love, love, love diet coke (or really diet anything), so this has not been easy.  I have gone cold turkey, however, since Monday!  I have been making it a point to drink the "required" 8 glasses of water each day.  The best way I have found to do this is buy water in 16.9 ounce bottles and make sure every morning I put at least four in the fridge.  I do prefer bottled water.  I know there are all sorts of studies that it's not better for you and it may even be "worse" than tap water, BUT I hate the taste of tap water.  I can taste the chlorine and the sliminess and, even if those things aren't really there, it just tastes like the hose outside.  Loved drinking from it when I was a kid, but I'm not a kid anymore!  SO, ever since working at LA Weight Loss (when I was 22), I have been really obsessed with knowing exactly how much water I drink every day.  I don't like to drink a glass of water because I don't know the exact number of ounces it contained.  Especially if there is ice in it!  Weird, I know.  I have also increased my coffee intake this week.  It really does help when I start feeling a little hungry, but nauseous at the thought of eating that soup!  Or another vegetable!  Haha.

ISSUES/TIPS:  This will be specific to the day I'm talking about.  So, for beef and vegetable day...I had to drink some hot water with a little lemon and Splenda this evening because my stomach was feeling so full.  When I added the steak to the soup (and the ground beef last night) it changed the flavor SO much and made it tasty to eat again.  I am super tired again today, but as I detailed above I also had a pretty busy day.  I feel better since the hot water.  I'm up at 10:30, so there's one sign that I'm not as tired.  lol

What do you think about that sort of layout from here on out?  Maybe that will give me some extra structure to follow and some outline to stick with?  I feel like I ramble sometimes...looking back, it appears the outline doesn't stop that!  Ha, ha.

Good night!


  1. Love the layout idea! This is fun...for me. LOL Kind of reminds me of Julie and Julia (a little). :P

    Recipes will be good to blog, too.

  2. Audrey~I am truly enjoying your process, and I think you are doing a fabulous job! I like the layout idea. LJ and I would like to pledge, also. Tell me what would help you reach your goal?

  3. I like the layout. And I LOVE the soup w/ the ground beef in it!!! You could have that as one of your sensible meals in weeks to come.

  4. Hi Audrey,

    I found your blog and started reading from Day 1. I love your energy, honesty and determination. I think the structure works well. I enjoyed your free form too. Keep up the good work and good luck!


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