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Monday, February 14, 2011

Day One

Whew.  I am starving. 

So, day one is coming to a close and I am feeling good!!  I am not only embarking on my own 40 week diet, but a few other changes have been made around here, as well.  I have committed to making my husband's lunch every morning and fixing him a high-protein breakfast.  This morning, I did both of those things AND made my first batch of cabbage soup.  The kids were loving all the fruit we had this morning, so that was super easy.  However, we headed out to the park around 9 and I gave them some goldfish for the ride...they smelled SO good.  I was hungry.  I took some oranges and apples for me and lunchables for the kids.  We played at the park for a good long while, ate some lunch, then headed home for bath and nap!  Well, I at least got a couple of them in the bath...and got ONE to nap.  All the fruit was tasty, but just doesn't do much to quench the appetite.  The soup was SOOO yummy after a morning of strawberries, blueberries, canteloupe, oranges, and apples! 

I was really sleepy after lunch, so I let the boys watch a movie while I tried to snooze in the chair.  Unfortunately, the kids were having none of mom sleeping, so they kept waking me up for one thing or another.  I gave in and had a cup of coffee (Splenda only!) in the afternoon because I was having such a hard time keeping my eyes open!  We spent most of the day outside, so I think all the fresh air and the running around and the lack of sleep at night (sigh) just rocked me.

Exercise is going to be tough for me.  I did run around the park pushing the stroller, but I can't be sure it was 30 minutes.  I think I will need to focus on the diet and just incorporate exercise in a few weeks. 

I knew fruit day would be easy since my kids are all big fans of "nature's candy".  Fixing dinner was sort of difficult...I made a super easy meal from a box (love!), with the thought that it would be less hard if there was less work involved.  However, it smelled SO good throughout the house.  Oh.  My.  My mouth was watering.  I ate my bowl of soup and an orange while watching everyone else devour this cheesy rice and chicken meal.  Whoooo.  Toughest part of my day.

Tomorrow is veggie day!  I have all the different colors of peppers for the kids to talk about and taste at lunch time.  We will likely be doing some walking around the neighborhood tomorrow because Shaun has to take the car to work.  I want to research vegetables tonight so I can have some fun "kid-friendly" facts to share with the boys.  I am planning to build a garden for the kids with a good friend, so maybe we will clear out a space for that tomorrow.  Anything to keep us outside and me away from the kitchen!!  The plan is hot dogs for lunch and that will be a tough one for me to not nibble on.

Tough only until I remember that I will have to admit it later!  :)


*I did take a picture this morning of my official start weight and I will post it tomorrow.


  1. Audrey, don't forget that I was the queen of this diet for over 2 years! I used yogurt for mid-day snacks and dry milk & canned pumpkin (plus splenda and vanilla) to make some INCREDIBLE cookies that are a vegetable & milk--no eggs or flour. You are going to have to investigate some vegetables that offer a good 'chew' with flavor: parsnips, hearts of palm for salads. Also, on the baked potato day be sure to scrub the potato, poke some holes in it, spray it with Pam and BAKE IT IN THE OVEN. Don't do the microwave thing. I'm here for you if you need more ideas. <3

  2. I am so excited for your journey, and LJ is even contemplating some sort of "doing it with you" from here! He won't do the cabbage soup, but we are working on it. Keep up the good work! I might suggest doing something instead of "thinking" about food, such as grab a book for a few minutes or chugging a glass of water, etc. Find something to replace that time?


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