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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week Two: Day Three

Another day down!  Woohoo!!

MEAL PLAN:  Same ol', same ol'.  Shake and coffee for breakfast, Slim Fast snack bar for snack, shake for lunch, handful of cashews for snack, and another rockin' dinner!  I made baked potatoes, baked chicken, and cream-style corn.  I am now ending my day with another Slim Fast snack bar.  As I type this out I realize I haven't used fruit for my snack since Monday, so I'm gonna get back to that.  I just feel like fruit makes me hungrier and I have actually felt hungry these past couple of days.  Although...how satisfying is a handful of cashews?  Not.  Ha, ha.

EXERCISE:  I had Bible study today and then my mom took the kids out for lunch while I cleaned house.  When the kids got home they did some coloring, then took a pretty nice long nap!  I wish I could say I "kept moving" while they napped, but not so much.  I cleaned up after the coloring and the mess of shoes and coats that happens every time we return from somewhere.  Then...I watched tv.  That's right.  Caught up on my recorded SVU marathon and last night's "What Would You Do?".  It may not have been the best choice I've made, but I felt like relaxin'!  After dinner this evening I did play a super fun round of "Hide and Seek" with the kids.  It's always fun because they think it's hilarious to be scared!  You have to run fast to find a new hiding spot, so I got my heart rate up a few times.  Then we had a snack on the kitchen floor and I taught the kids how to stretch.  I wish I had video of this...it was very funny.  The way their brains translate my instructions of where to place their feet and legs and how to stretch.  Very cute.  We had a good evening.

BEVERAGES:  Water, water, water...check!  A very sweet friend of mine gave me a very thoughtful gift of a reusable water bottle!  It's really cute and says "Tell me who I'm getting where, again?"  Awesome.  Practical, useful, and very motivating gift.  xoxo to you, doll!

ISSUES/TIPS:  Happy Audrey, yet again!  Was hungry a bit today, but even that is subsiding.  Dinner just rocks my world each evening!  Before my mom left town today we were chatting about how my eating habits have changed.  Last night, with the chicken/spinach rollup dinner, there was one leftover piece of chicken.  I was telling her I would have cleaned the kids' plates and eaten that last bit, as well.  Without even flinching!  Simply a mechanical "clean-up", I guess.  Anyway, I have obviously NOT been doing that and I feel so much better and am so much happier at the end of the day to know I ate healthy and am doing a great thing for myself.  I was thinking today about switching it up for next week.  I'm going to try eating my 500 calorie meal at lunch instead of dinner.  There are several reasons for this:  the kids are not eating these great meals I'm creating at dinner and it's really starting to anger me to throw so much food away, I would like to have kid/Shaun friendly dinners ready when Shaun gets home from work at 5:15 and then I will leave the house for a 30-40 minute walk around the neighborhood, and it will give me another perspective to comment on!  I can see if the weight loss changes at all (although it may not be entirely fair when I add in extra exercise), I can see if it is easier or harder, etc.  There was a nice sale on soup last week and I bought several of those microwaveable bowls of chunky soup and healthy request.  I checked the labels today and they each only have between 220 - 260 calories total!  I think I will be able to fix that up for lunches next week and maybe add in some other veggies, salad, or whatever to add up to the 500 alotted calories.  We'll see what happens!

Good night!


  1. Hang in there...this is the part where you have to WANT the goal more than the food that you like/love/miss/etc.
    Sometimes I just brush my teeth and drink a huge glass of water and then go to bed!! LOL Got to get away from food at times. We're all behind you and the inspiration is beginning to rub off (on me, it is). <3

  2. Audrey, you are inspiring me too! I can't wait to see and read the end results:) Keep it up!


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