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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here We Go!

Well, I am getting serious about this weight loss "thing".  Thanks to recent donations from dear friends, I have acquired quite a full goal box of awesome clothes that I desperately want to wear!  Unfortunately, this is not motivation enough.  Hard to believe, right?  After much thought I have decided to invite you all to watch my loss and actually be personally involved.  I think it is hard for my husband to hold me accountable because he, obviously, doesn't really want to ever tell me I need to lose weight.  My kids are too young and it is super easy for me to avoid my family's phone calls.  This leads me to the reason behind this blog...

I am asking for pledges.  My goal is to lose 80 pounds over the next 40 weeks.  80 pounds would put me back to the lowest weight I have been in my adult life, 40 weeks will put me at the week of my 6th wedding anniversary.  This year I have begun saving to surprise Shaun with a trip to Vegas for our anniversary!  I would be asking you to pledge a certain dollar or cents amount per pound I lose.  I will report daily here on my efforts at dieting and exercise while staying home with four small children.  I will weigh myself once every four weeks, and this is when payment would be "billed".  I feel this extra accountability and goal of actual money will really be the drive I need to get this weight OFF!

I am open to suggestions of how payments could be made?  Obviously, mail works for me.  I thought of a PayPal option, but I haven't fully researched it to figure out what that would require.  Any other thoughts?

I really appreciate everyone's support, even if it isn't financial.  My husband has "pledged" $1 a pound, so I feel on the road to success already!  The diet will start Monday, February 14, 2011.  I will post my weight that morning and get the show on the road...I also plan to do pictures throughout.  Not looking forward to that part, but serious is serious and I want to prove I am "all in" this time.

**The 80 pounds is the only weight loss that will count.  For example, if I lose 10 pounds one month, then (somehow) put on 4 pounds the next month, that 4 pounds will NOT be paid for again when it is lost.  Also, if I should decide for any reason to quit this before the 40 weeks is up, I will refund ALL money immediately.  I promise to go through the entire 40 weeks, but I am not totally positive I will lose all 80 pounds.  However, if I lose MORE than 80 pounds, you will not be asked to pay for any amount OVER the original goal of 80.

Thanks for reading!  If I was unclear on any of this, or you have any questions, please comment!


  1. I have a friend that has lost a ton of weight and uses this website. http://www.sparkpeople.com/

    I think she lost about 100 pounds over the last couple years?!? She looks awesome. I met her after she had lost the weight and I look at her old pictures and don't even recognize her. Lemme know if you want to hook up with her...

    Good luck! I have to say I did well the summer before last and lost 15 just walking almost every day. Last summer I had my hysterectomy and gained all of it back. Now...I'm starting all over and have about 30 to get back to a size I can tolerate.

    Miss ya!

  2. Do you have a "plan" for this venture? I'll sponsor you .50/lb. :`)


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