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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 7

MEAL PLAN:  Today was the final day for The Cabbage Soup diet, all you can eat of brown rice and vegetables.  Ugh.  Not my favorite.  I managed to eat all I could, which truthfully wasn't much.  This actually makes me pretty happy because it's obvious my internal stomach is shrinking.  I no longer feel "hungry" all the live long day!  Yay!  I also was allowed "unsweetened fruit juice" today.  I bought some Carrot, Apple, Grape juice and it was soooo good. 

EXERCISE:  Well, we did take the kids to the zoo this morning.  If you haven't been to Grassmere and played in the kids' play area, you are missing out!  It has a really cool castle with a maze of ups and downs, a huge net to climb on, a very, very tall slide that is all enclosed.  Hard to explain, but the kids and Shaun and I had a great time!  Then, we walked up to see the elephants, giraffes, meerkats, and, of course, the monkeys.  We were there for almost 2 hours and I didn't sit down at all, so does that count?  lol  This afternoon/early evening the kids were playing outside and I rounded them up for a little neighborhood walk, as well. 

BEVERAGES:  I said it already, but I'll say it again...hooray for carrot, grape, apple juice!  I didn't finish my water today, but I have a bottle right here next to me I plan to chug before bed.  I had a friend give me a tip to invest in a Brita pitcher and a reusable water bottle/thermos.  It is on my shopping list for tomorrow!  I have always known a Brita would be my smartest purchase, but never seemed to have the necessary $20 or so whenever I was around somewhere to purchase one.  A 24 pack of water at Kroger is $2.99, and that's super easy to come up with.  Sometimes.  :)  I also recognize the need for the environment for me to stop buying all these plastic bottles!!  I got some French Vanilla flavored coffee, so I'm not as sad about not using creamer anymore. 

ISSUES/TIPS:  I am very sleepy right now, but that may have something to do with all the fresh air today.  Plus, I'm kind of nervous/anxious about starting something different tomorrow.  My aunt and mother both think I should just continue with the cabbage soup plan, but I really hadn't planned to do it again, so I have none of what I would need for tomorrow.  I am also kind of looking forward (like, a lot!) to the chocolate Slim Fast shake.  Ha, ha.  Anyway, about today, I always thought I really liked brown rice, but I guess that is only when I can put butter in it!  I made one meal with some snap peas and then I used the last bowl of my soup and added a bag of rice to it.  Choked it down.  The nice thing I have found here on my 7th day is that food just doesn't mean as much to me as it once did.  I'm eating because I know it's necessary (to live), but I'm not planning my whole day around WHAT I'm going to ingest and WHEN and what time do I need to start cooking so I can have dinner ready at this time.  I know realize how obsessed I have become with food.  I need to find that happy medium of thinking about food in a healthy way.  Not thinking about it constantly and always planning the next two or three meals, but just thinking about it in terms of making sure I have the right "parts" for my family to eat at appropriate times.  I'm not sure I'm wording it right.  I was watching a show on A & E called "Heavy" and there was one "contestant" who was reading every nutrition label at the grocery store and getting really upset about which product he should choose.  Calling his nutritionist constantly.  I can relate to that man!  I allow myself to get SO worked up about what is going to be best for me to eat today and how much water was in that glass and what time did I have breakfast?  Is it okay to go ahead and eat lunch?  I obsess easily, but the other thing I do quite easily is just give up.  This is where this blog has been good for me this week.  Giving up this time wouldn't just mean avoiding my husband's looks as I load up a plate.  Nope, now I have all of you to answer to and I'm so thankful!!  I already feel healthier, and it can only get better, right??

Here's a question - would you like me to post my weight each week or wait until the end of the month?  I will definitely be weighing myself tomorrow morning and taking a picture, but I am torn between posting it or keeping you in suspense?  Your call!

Good night!


  1. You know, Audrey, I don't care what you weigh but I want to rejoice in the pounds you've lost! So, why not just give us the lbs. lost? Plus, I need to keep socking $$ away for the payoff.

  2. I think you are doing AMAZING!!! I've done 21 days fasts (at my old church for several years) and I KNOW what you are going through...the cravings, the fatigue, everything. I can't IMAGINE doing all of that with chillins! You're a superhero!!!
    One little tip I wanted to share (IF you didn't already know): Wal-Mart has an Equate brand of "Weight Loss Shakes" that in MY opinion taste even BETTER than the Slim-Fast ones AND they're cheaper! I get the Creamy Milk Chocolate flavor, which they've recently started doing 12-packs of (saves you even MORE $$)! [I use them for when I don't have time to eat and I'm SUPER hungry, cause I get the shakes, can even faint if I don't eat sometimes].
    As for the weight-loss, do whatever YOU feel more comfortable with. I don't want THAT to become any source of anxiety or whatever for you so if you think weekly is best, then do THAT or if you think monthly would be better, then do that! I KNOW you're going to be successful no matter WHAT!!!
    <3 <3 <3

  3. Oh, and I just read the last comment posted and I agree that you should say pounds lost, not what you weigh - JUST so we can all celebrate WITH you (whether you do it weekly OR monthly).

    You're SUCH an inspiration!!! <3

  4. Thanks, ladies! I don't mind saying the weight. I thought about that ahead of time and I think it will add a little bit more motivation to get to the number I wouldn't mind sharing! I changed my profile picture to the picture from day one of my weight (and awful-looking toes!), so I will be reminded everytime I sign in of where I was and don't want to be ever again.


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