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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day Three

Okay.  Officially hungry and tired, tired, tired of veggies!!  The fruit was good, but the kids went to town on it, as well, so i ran out rather quickly.  I'm snacking on a cut-up apple as I type this (and, admittedly, watching American Idol), and totally looking forward to some bananas tomorrow.

I was faced with a bit of temptation today!  Wednesday is Bible study day and each week a different group is asked to bring food for everyone.  I was all prepared to walk quickly past the table and sit in my room with home-prepared strawberries and blueberries and cucumbers, but there was no food set up on the table!  As I breathed a sigh of relief, I entered my classroom to discover some group had apparently forgotten and my sweet friends were NOT going to stand for it.  So, rather than have to walk past a table just once...I had to sit in a room faced with large bagels and cream cheeses!!  LOL  It worked out fine, and I really didn't feel too tempted.  I even fixed up a bagel for the kiddos to share on the way home.

We played outside for a bit and I made a smorgasbord of strawberries, carrots, hot dogs, and chicken (ranch dip, of course) for the kids to snack on between fights over our various tricycles and bikes.  We never seem to have the right assortment to avoid fighting.  I thought each child had really picked out a favorite outside toy, but then they go switching it up on me just so I get confused and they have a reason to yell at each other.  Good times, right?

I know this is a short posting, but Wednesdays are mom and dad tv nights!  I drank all of my water and 100% stuck to the daily plan.  I even made spaghetti with sausage for the family tonight and resisted the incredibly strong urge to hide in the closet and eat every last bite.  I did have to leave the house while they ate dinner, but I cooked it and cleaned up afterwards so I wasn't able to totally "hide".  The kids go to school tomorrow, so I have a full day planned to keep me out of the kitchen and very busy.  You know what they say about idle hands! 

Good night!! 

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  1. So proud of you, my friend! Dieting pretty much sucks, and I'm right there with ya on the journey. Also on the need to start working out.....I'm struggling to get my read in gear, too!


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