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Monday, February 21, 2011

Week Two: Day One

Week one is over and I lost....7 and 1/2 pounds!!!  I am feeling very excited and all sorts of motivated today. 

MEAL PLAN:  I started the Slim Fast plan today.  Had a shake and a cup of coffee for breakfast, an orange for snack, another shake at lunch, a Slim Fast bar for snack and "a sensible dinner".  :)  I made pork tenderloin and salad.  The kids played hard outside today, so they chowed at dinner!  The pork was y-u-m-m-y.  Also, I bought Strawberry Fields salad (spinach leaves with dried strawberries, almonds, and strawberry vinaigrette).  Oh, so very, very delicious.  This evening I had a handful of cashews for my final snack of the day.  I feel good!  Not hungry, totally satisfied with the choices I made.  Day one rocks!

EXERCISE:  I wrote to a good friend who is a fitness guru.  She's a trainer and all about being fit.  She told me the most important thing to remember is to just KEEP MOVING.  Constantly DOING and not sitting.  Outside with the kids?  Lunges, walking around, interacting with them.  Making dinner?  Calf raises, squats.  Just moving all day long.  I decided to view my day slightly different...rather than trying to think about when will I fit in 30 minutes to work out, I'm going to try to just fit in 30 minutes of sitting.  So, if I am doing things non-stop, moving around the house, just keeping my body in motion, then I just want to focus on stopping that for just 30 minutes (and no more!).  It worked today.  I was preparing food for the kids, cleaning up behind them, went outside and walked around the yard picking up sticks, my mom came over for a bit (yay!) and I went to the grocery store, put the groceries away, cleaned some more (is it surprising to anyone that this is always something to do in our house?)...I truly only sat down for about 40 minutes when my mom took the kids to the park and I watched Undercover Boss.  Made dinner, got the kids to bed...it was a pretty full day!  So, I like this outlook.  :)  I'll work on adding in some calf raises tomorrow.

BEVERAGES:  5 bottles of water today = 10 glasses!  This is most likely another reason I am feeling satisfied and not hungry.  Yay!  So, here's a fun story.  Remember my comment about needing a Brita?  Well, today when I went to the grocery store, I went down the water aisle to buy another 24-pack.  I looked up to the shelf where the Brita pitchers were and there was a sale on the 5-cup Brita for just $9.99!!  Then I noticed someone had stuck a coupon next to the box for another $4.00 off!!  I bought that Brita and now will always have fresh water in my fridge.  Thank you to God for going grocery shopping with me.  :)

ISSUES/TIPS:  No issues today.  Truly, I think I'm going to like this plan.  I was kind of freaking out about dinner because the "rule" is a 500-calorie meal.  I was dividing ounces and calories and adding and subtracting and getting a little overwhelmed.  I just took a deep breath, used my smarts and went for simple.  Pork and salad.  Delicious, family friendly, and 500 calories at the most.  Bottle of water with each meal and snack (except final snack), and I am feeling pretty successful for today.

Good night!

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