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Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 37: Day 1

WEEK 37?!?!  Seriously??  I mean, I knew that was coming after week 36, but holy moly!!

Cabbage soup diet has gone very well.  Today is my final day - brown rice and veggies all day.  As much as I want!  I bet it won't be all that much.  I mean, I like brown rice...but I am having a hard time getting excited about it this morning.  Haha.

This time around, the cabbage soup plan has actually not been terrible.  I have really really enjoyed the soup and I just keep reminding myself that it's only 1 week!  I am actually thinking of doing 1 week of the soup, then taking 3 days off and starting another week with the soup.  The only problem is my training program increasing...the first 4 days are hard with no real protein.  It's a nice fall back plan, though, for when I get out of hand.  Haha.

Speaking of training - yesterday I went to a "park" I have driven by many, many times to see if there was a trail I could run.  Sure enough, I had 4 miles on the schedule and the sign showed a 2.4 mile path to the Monticello information center!  I decided to walk 5 minutes, then run until I got there and run all the way back.  I did exactly that, but either I was way faster than usual, or the mileage was off (I actually "mapped" the run when I got back on dailymile.com and it sure did say 2.4 miles each way!).  Anyway, I logged 40 minutes of fitness yesterday for Shrinkvivor and covered more than my 4 miles for training purposes.  Hooray!

Would you believe I have signed myself up for 2 5K's this weekend?  I'm kind of excited, actually.  I really, really want to get under 27 minutes and now i have TWO chances to do that!  The first race is in a town called Zion Crossroads just a few miles down the road from my house.  Saturday morning, 8 am...then I am having Zoe's birthday party at 11 am that day.  Whoo.  Luckily, I have only invited family, so they will be okay if I pass out in the middle.  Hahaha.  Then, Sunday, I was feeling all left out reading about the Nashville zombie run, so I signed up to do the Charlottesville zombie race!  It is being filmed and then made into a short film which will be screened on Monday night!  Super fun.  I really want to do a costume for both - okay to be the same one - but I have ZERO money and no real fun clothes to mess with.  Plus, I still need it to be comfortable for running.  Hmmm.  Any ideas?  Too bad I can't fit back into my prom dress yet (MAJOR goal), because that would be hilarious.  Prom Queen costume!  I don't have any fancy dresses...according to weather.com it's going to be chilly for both races.  I was thinking of wearing my black running skirt, bright orange tank top, and some black and orange striped knee-socks.  If all else fails, I guess Halloween colors are better than nothing!

I have written up a schedule for me and the littles to follow today.  Lots of outdoor play, scheduled snacks, midday storytime before lunch, QUIET time after lunch...I really hope we have a great day together.  Shaun left for work (yay!) and took the car today, so it's just me and them.  With no escape.  Hahahaha. 

Have a great day!

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