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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shrinkvivor Week 2

Oh my gosh, she's back??  Yeehaw!

Sorry about the hiatus.  Actually, not really all that sorry.  Mostly sorry because I missed out on reading the blogs I follow!!! 

Here's the scoop - we have moved to Virginia.  We are settled in and absolutely loving it so far.  Well...except the whole husband with no job part.  Seriously.  Financially it's whatever, but mentally I cannot spend another moment with him!  He is an "extremist".  Might be the wrong word, but here's my explanation.  It is all one way or the other with him... either cleaning every single inch of this place or sitting on his ass watching Sportscenter.  He nitpicks everything I do...I'm on the computer trying to get together a grocery list and he is demanding I look up other things for him.  I said, "I'm doing something."  "Oh, what?  Facebook?  Real important.  I'm going to go unload the dishwasher and then we need to hang up all these pictures."  Really?  We've lived here for 3 days and you are going to bitch about wanting to hang up pictures.  I personally find it a little more important to feed my kids.  Sorry about my lack of priorities there, boss.

GRRRR.  Yeah, we need LESS togetherness. 

Moving on - I gained 2 pounds this week.  BOOOO.  I did manage to log some pretty good fitness minutes.  I hope nobody gets angry, but I totally counted active moving.  Basically, not just packing up boxes here and there, but I gave myself an hour for each day I was actually loading up a truck (took us about 2 1/2 hours, actually) and then the night we unloaded the truck.  I think I mentioned we lucked out and got someone to drive the moving truck from TN to VA.  It was awesome and well worth it!!  I highly recommend uship.com, but specifically Ken Weaver.  He was very helpful and personable and all of our stuff arrived as promised!  Hooray!  He didn't arrive in Virginia until 8:30 on Saturday evening, so Shaun and I were able to leave the kids (sleeping) at my parents' house while we busted ass unloading.  I did get out for a run on Monday which was super nice.  just over 3 miles.  I ran from our house to the main gate and a chunk of it was along the lake...yay!!  The neighborhood is kind of hilly, but the hills are little, so it's not rough.  There aren't sidewalks, but the speed limit is 25 and we actually have our own neighborhood police department, so the limits are very enforced. 

My diet went out the window.  I really keep trying to get back on track, but then I will just get hungry bored and snack.  We don't even have anything in the fridge to snack on, actually!!  Bread.  Good ol' bread.  Sigh.

I have a book called "Eat All Day Diet".  Since I haven't blogged about any new meal plans lately, I thought I would give it a shot.  As I mentioned, I need to hit up the grocery store, so I'll type up some details either tomorrow or this evening regarding WHAT I am able to "eat all day". 

Prayers, everyone, for Shaun to land a great job!  Every other aspect of this move has been so obviously blessed, I have no reason to think this part will be otherwise...sometimes it is just hard to be patient for God's timing, right? 


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