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Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 36: Day 1

I do not believe I am at week 36…and still blogging!  I wish I had even half of the motivation still as I had in the beginning, but at least I am still aware and trying, right?!?  My internet is down, so I’m typing this in Microsoft Word and will post as soon as I am able…just in case I write things about “this morning” and don’t post until the afternoon!

Well, speaking of – this morning we are having some chaos around here!  I don’t know what sort of Mountain Dew the kids may have had in their sippy cups, but they are just out of control.  Running around, yelling, teasing, crying…wow.  We have hardwood floors and a very open floor plan, so you can imagine the noise!! 

FOOD:  Well, this weekend was sort of a bust.  I would start out SO good in the mornings…and even sometimes on through lunchtime.  However, the afternoon would “strike” and I would just snack on something I really didn’t need!!!  Luckily, no major bingeing, just stupid snacks.  I am having a yummy breakfast right now and hope to stick to “plan” today, though!  1 egg/2 egg white omelet (104 calories), 1 Laughing Cow cheese wedge (35 calories), spinach leaves, wrapped up in a 100 calorie Whole Wheat/Flaxseed tortilla!  Delicious.   OH – my current “plan” is only whole wheat “good” carbs before 1:00 pm, and then no carbs for the rest of the day.  Fruit included.  So, I’ll have fruit in the mornings, as well, but only protein and veggies after 1:00.  We’ll see how long this lasts.  I actually think I’m supposed to be counting carrots in the “fruit” category because they are so high in sugar…they are so easy to snack on, though!!!  I have a cucumber and green pepper in the fridge, so I’ll use those this afternoon.  I finished up the carrots for dinner last night.  J 

EXERCISE:  This weekend was great in that respect!!  Saturday I headed out to do 4 miles…I actually found a trail (Fluvanna Heritage Trail) that was 3 miles out to some “bluffs”…I had no intention of tracking my mileage, but there were markers along the trail, so I know I went to the 2 mile marker and then headed back.  It took 45 minutes, but I am totally okay with that…for those of you who know me, I’m okay with it because I had to stop a couple times to check which way the trail went and then I was behind some slow walkers for about a minute before they noticed me.  J  That makes me happy because it means I wasn’t breathing as loud as I thought I was!!  Haha.  So, 45 minutes of running the trail on Saturday, then we took the kids up to the Apple Orchard for some “apple picking”.  Unfortunately, everyone else in town decided to do the same thing and there weren’t any apples we could reach!!  We probably could have gone down some more aisles, but we had been there for a while already dancing in front of the band and eating lunch.  We let the kids pick out pumpkins to carve and then headed home.  Yesterday I took 3 of the kids to a new church (Jack was sick) and then we went into “town” for brunch at Fellini’s (my mom’s restaurant).  Afterwards the three were exhausted, so we headed home and they all took naps!  I really wanted to go out for a walk, but was having a hard hard time finding the strength.  Ha.  Truthfully, I was tired, too!!  When Jack woke up, I decided to take him out for a walk…he was feeling better and I felt bad he hadn’t gotten to do anything that morning.  When we finally got into the car, Conner woke up so I took him, too.  Having no idea exactly where we were going, I just drove through the neighborhood a bit, and then we “stumbled” upon a playground with a track!  I went back home for the boys’ bikes and we rode/walked around the track for 20 minutes, then headed over to the playground.  I had a mental goal of MOVING for 40 minutes, so I spent the next 20 minutes riding a “boingy thing” which was actually pretty tough and then pushing Jack on a swing.  Like, full body active pushing.  I’m sure I looked ridiculous, but I was sweating!  Hahaha. 

Today I plan to get out for a run later.  We are heading out for a play date this morning at the community clubhouse.  I am trying to figure out a “school” situation to get the twins and Zoe in but we will have to make do with some playdates in the meantime.  I hope they make some good friends!!!

I think I pretty much covered everything, so no need for a “Real Life” section this morning!  Shaun is going to head out with some resumes today, and I did some applications online for him over the weekend.  His unemployment was denied (appeal will take 6-8 weeks), so we are kind of scrambling right now.  However, I recognize that I have to keep my faith and trust in God’s plan for us.  He has held me up this long, why would I think He would drop me now?

Have a great day!  xoxo
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  1. hey there! I just read your comment on my blog! I'm so excited to see you blogging about your weightloss journey too! After I leave this comment I'm totally going to go read some more of your posts and explore around a bit. so how much weight have you lost so far? That is so awesome about your running. My husband is a huge runner - he does ultra marathons. I've had hip issues though and so I can't really run because then it makes me have to go to the chiropractor with stuff out of place. So I will never be one of those people who can run unless I fix my back/hip issues. But I would seriously LOVE to run. maybe I will even try it until I feel pain. I actually did run a little last week and you are right - it is a super great workout. I was really working hard. I'm just really afraid to injure myself. Maybe if I take it slowly....

  2. Eating right is my struggle too and afternoons are killer for me too!!
    To answer your question about cross training: I think walking is cross training, but like you I think it is pretty boring. I really love biking because I think it helps you gain muscles that stabilize you when you run. Plus you can bike anywhere like running. I would check craigslist and just get a cheap one. You don't have to have an expensive bike (they might kick me out of Colorado for saying that!) to get a good workout. There are a tons of weight baring strength training type things you can do at home and I would suggest those. I am such a better runner and have an easier time with fat loss when I am weight training. I would just google "at home weight training" and you can get a lot of ideas!


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