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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 36: Day 2

Good morning!!

I have decided to do the cabbage soup diet again.  Don't judge me.  I seriously need something to shake me up and get me feeling better!!  When I am just watching calories or points or whatever, I end up totally going bananas and just snack-snack-snacking until I feel I have ruined the day already, I might as well just eat the rest of the loaf!  Sad, yes, but it's my demon and I have to live with it.

So, today is fruit day!  All fruit and nothing but fruit!  Yum, yum!!  I have started my day with an apple and lots of grapes.   I have a beautiful pineapple to cut into for lunch, and of course my soup simmered overnight and has filled the house with delicious scents!  Hooray.  I may end up posting 6 times a day while I try to be successful on this plan.

I chose this week, by the way, because I am only on schedule to run 2 miles at a time 3 times this week.  Even the cross training times are only 35 minutes.  I think this will be "safer" than a week where I am to run 5+ miles at a time.  Right?

I know I am about 15 pounds away from a very happy place and I would just like to get these 15 pounds gone.  I feel like my running times will improve and I will feel better...and maybe a part of me thinks it will be "easier" to eat well?  I don't know.  I do know this: I do not feel good right now, I am not happy with my food choices lately, I need to do something different.

So, there you have it!  I am heading out the door as soon as I post this to go for a 20 minute run with 5 minute warm up and 5 minute coold down.  Then, we have a park play date at 9:30, and tonight is my first night as TriviaMaster!!!  I will be assembling my questions this afternoon and head out to the restaurant around 7?  We are also planning to do some rearranging today while Shaun is still home.

On that note: We sent out his resume to at least 6 different *hot* leads yesterday from Craigslist and the Virginia unemployment page and monster.com. He made several phone calls, as well, so we are really hoping one of these pans out....soon.  Keep those prayers comin'!!

Have a great day,

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