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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week 35: Day 6

Good morning!!

Okay, I'm back.  Seriously back.  I need the accountability of this blog.  I need YOU to be there for me and get my fat butt BACK ON TRACK.  This is just crazy!!  Yesterday I was on my way out the door and I took a nap instead of going for a run!  What on earth is that?!?!  I just kept thinking - who will care if I don't run?  Nobody cares.  Then this came to my mind - If Shaun wakes me up and asks when I'm running, I will get up and run.  That's a pretty "safe" thought for me...Shaun could care less if I go running.  He could care less if I lose any more weight.  He likely wouldn't mind if I put some weight back on!  It's ridiculous.  He was super supportive in the beginning, but I think I have now hit that place where he sees other people noticing the big improvement and it appears to be making him nervous? 

Anyway, that really doesn't matter.  Not to say what my husband thinks doesn't matter, but he is happy with my looks and truthfully always has been.  If I was doing this for him, I would have stopped after 20 pounds.  I certainly wouldn't have started this blog.  I have ZERO intention of ever leaving him.  I love my husband, and I know we will be together forever.  Not to mention the four kids we share!  Haha.  In all seriousness, this isn't about him.  It's about me.  It's about the goal I set forth to meet and the fact that I am down to 5 full weeks left!!  I owe it to YOU, loyal readers, to, at the very least try.

So, try I will!!  You will be reading daily food and exercise logs, you will receive a weigh in report on Mondays (and Wednesdays until Shrinkvivor is done), and I promise you I will show you that 40 weeks isn't too short to completely change your life.  Completely.

I'll probably go back to "outline form" since my thoughts are so rambly these days!!  Starting today...

FOOD:  Well.  Hmmm.  This morning I woke up and had an apple and coffee!  Then I had some dinner rolls with butter and honey.  Seriously, Audrey?  Hahahaha.  Yes, seriously.  Then - in the interest of full disclosure - I totally ate a hot dog.  I wanted some protein before I head out to run and it was the fastest thing I could find in the fridge!  The rest of today, I will be concentrating on small meals frequently.  The "Eat All Day Diet" does not look like enough of a "diet" for me to take seriously.  That sounds crazy, but I gotta KNOW I'm dieting.  Otherwise, I will justify every little hot dog bite that goes in my mouth.  Ridiculous, yes, but I'm just being honest here! 

I want some feedback, please!  I know Atkins SUCKED for me when I tried it in the beginnings, but who thinks maybe I should give it another shot?  I hesitate to even say "Atkins".  Basically, what do you think about low/no carb for a week with fruits in the mornings?  Proteins and veggies the rest of the day?
EXERCISE: For Shrinkvivor, we are counting fitness minutes again.  My team has been racking up some pretty great minute totals, and I totally feel like I'm bringing them down with my "low" numbers!!  This week I will commit to at least 60 minutes per day (really, there's only 4 days left in the week, but I do have some minutes already logged)...I will be very intentional about getting out with the kids for a walk or a little jog around the backyard.  In addition to my 60 minutes.  Right now I'm heading out the door for a 40 minute run with a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down.  I'm still following my 15K training, but I've decided to not go for distance, just go for time.  I know I'm consistently faster than a 10 minute mile, so I will multiple all of the mileage by 10 and run for that amount of time.  I'm even going to run in places where I won't be able to log distance.  I will just go ahead and let you know this will likely kill me.  I love knowing how far I've gone in X amount of time.  However, I really feel this is not the important part...I am taking my training seriously and I am trusting my body to let me know it's limits.  I hope this makes sense to someone other than me...

REAL LIFE:  Why not add this category.  I feel like you all care, right?  :)  I have started hostessing on Friday nights at my parents' restaurant.  Our move is completely finished and now we just need to get in the swing and routine of life here in Virginia!  While Shaun looks for work, I plan to do as much as I can at the restaurant and FOR the restaurant.  Also, I will be searching for "school" for at least the twins because they are definitely missing that structure and socialization in their lives!  They drive Conner crazy in the evenings when he gets home with "What did you do at school?  Did you have fun at school?  Did you get a happy face today?  Did you bring home some work?"  Sweet boys.  :)

Okay, off to run!  I promise!!!  And I will totally NOT let that damn comfy chair distract me again!!


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  1. hope you got that run in! YOU are NOT bringing the Pink Tribe down! Every minute counts as a averaged whole! We are a team...just do your best and do it for YOU cuz you are worth it! Awesome job for getting into a routine so quickly!


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