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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Midweek Thoughts (re: Challenge 1)

Good morning!!

There is some crazy excitement in the air today at my house.  My dad drove my husband in to work, so we have the van all day!  This means we aren't trapped at the house driving each other bananas...we can actually take our craziness on the road!  Yeehaw!

For Zoe's birthday, a super sweet relative gave us a gift card to the Bounce N Play in Charlottesville.  Oh yeah.  We are going to bounce, bounce, bounce ourselves silly today.  They don't open until 9:30, so I'm hoping to feed these kids' bellies until they are stuffed, then pray we can last at least 2 hours before they are "hungry" again.  I can't afford to get them lunch there, and I'm out of bread (again, sigh) so I can't pack sandwiches.  I have some snacks I will take, so maybe we'll be able to really make the most of this special outing.

Oh, yeah, you probably were reading to see what I had to say about the Weekly challenge, right?  Ha, ha. 

So, Monday and Tuesday were easy.  I was excited to try some new videos (I have been updating the first blog posting with details from each day) and really having fun with working new muscles (hello, ARMS!).  Yesterday, however, it was a chore.  I was soooo not in the mood for fitness.  The kids were monopolizing both televisions, it was too cold to take them outdoors (believe me, I tried!), after all this time together the fighting was in full force.  I was just plain tired.  Nobody took a nap, nobody stopped eating all the live long day.  It was a bad day. 

I was going to run last night.  I was planning to run 8 miles.  Maybe even 9!  I wanted to get out there and just lose myself and not have to hear yelling and not have to make any decisions.  However, when Shaun got home and I said "I'm going running at 6:30", I heard a deep sigh and saw him shake his head.  He reluctantly admitted he was hoping we would be home together that evening.  This tugged at my heart a bit, and I decided I would run Thursday instead.  Once this decision was made, I realized I was going to have to do my videos...and in front of my husband!  Eek!  This may not seem like a big deal to some (or most), but I feel so awkward and silly and uncoordinated...I realize he knows me, but it just is different when it comes to these videos!!  Hahaha.  Seems super ridiculous now.  Especially since he was too busy watching the instructors and laughing at THEM.

All of this just to say I had every excuse in the world to NOT do my 30 minutes last night!  Jack and I had done a 15 minute Pilates video during the day, so I really only had to do another 15 minutes, but it ended up being fun with the whole family getting involved.  When I do them during the day, the kids usually escape to another room or get bored after just a couple minutes, but when Shaun and I are together anytime the kids just want to be there, too.  It's kind of cute.  Sometimes annoying...like last night when Zoe wouldn't go to bed unless she was hanging out with us, and then I got frustrated and fell asleep, so our "hanging out together" really didn't happen.  Whatever.

3 days in and done!  Yesterday when I kept thinking I was going to skip out on a day, I reminded myself it is only one week.  You have challenged yourself and you cannot just walk away.  Especially when it wasn't like I was going to skip it for a serious reason...it was laziness!  Pure laziness. 

Planning to run about 8-9 miles tonight.  It won't be easy, but I'm not looking for easy.  I'm looking for a reminder that I am a runner and I can do it.  I'm looking for some quiet time in my head to talk to God and to try to listen to Him and to just breathe.....

Have a great day!
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  1. So proud of you for sticking to the challenge! It feels good to be doing something other than running. I completed day 4 with the same yoga/pilates workout video that I did yesterday!


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