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Monday, December 26, 2011

Weekly Challenge #1

Good morning!!

I had a "plan" to challenge myself each week of 2012, but as I wrote down challenges, I began to get excited about starting...so I started a week early!  Who says you have to wait for New Year's???

Each Sunday evening I will draw from the "Bowl of Challenges" and post the result.  I have a variety of challenges included, some diet-related, some exercise-related, some spiritual, some just general "be nice" challenges.  All of them are at least a little bit "out of my comfort zone".  I have at least 4 people joining me through Facebook so far, and my husband has said he will "try", too!  FUN!

Challenge #1 is an easy one!  Each day this week (Monday through Sunday), do at least one 30-minute instructional workout.  Class at the gym, DVD/VHS, or On Demand work out.  Any variety - full core, specific target, yoga, pilates.  Just at least 30 minutes a day! 

One of my thoughts on these challenges, is that I would love for it to show me how easy doing these things regularly can be.  While I don't think doing a video every day FOREVER would be "easy", I do hope to see that each day I could potentially have time to do one!  I have been talking about incorporating some strength training for a long, long time now.

On the running front, my partner and I had a hard time coordinating schedules this weekend, so we missed our long run together.  We are planning to make up for it tonight with a 7 miler instead of the scheduled 3.  This Saturday we are running in a 5K - her first ever! - so we will be increasing our weekday runs to meet the total weekly goal of 23.

Diet-wise....ugh.  Yesterday was full of yummy food and snacking and random munching that has left me feeling ILL.  Yuck!  Back to good today.  No specific "diet" planned, but I'm going to be heavy on the fruits this morning and get some good proteins in later today.  My stomach is overall NOT happy with my choices from yesterday...but I was sooooo happy with the choices as I was making them!  Haha!

Have a great day!  I would love to hear from you if you are "in" on the challenge...and what video, etc, you plan to do!!


MONDAY:  12 minute "Floor Aerobics" video, 12 minute "Upper Body" video, 10 minute Yoga video = 34 minutes!
TUESDAY: 5 minutes of a Cardio Dance video (laughing too hard to finish!), 25 minutes of "Pilates Butt", 8 minutes of "Total Body - Pilates" = 33 countable minutes!
WEDNESDAY: 15 minutes of Pilates, 20 minutes of Body by Fitness with Gilad in Jerusalem (!!!ahahaha), 5 minute abs, about 10 minutes of yoga...some extra ab work...=50+ minutes
THURSDAY:  5 minute "sample" of Advanced Walk it Off with Leslie Sansone (totally want to buy this series!), 30 minute Pilates Pump from On Demand.  (truthfully, I got to 27 minutes of the Pilates and Zoe vomited for the THIRD time since I started the video and she was all done with daddy taking care of her)...still = 32 minutes!

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  1. I love your idea of challenging yourself weekly in a new way. Good luck!

    My stomach isn't a happy camper either. :/ Today I'm on day 1 of sugar detox.

  2. Today my video was a Yoga Booty Ballet Hip Hop Abs workout that was 35 minutes long. Then as a bonus I did 35 minutes of Dance Central 2 (it was harder than the ab video, hah!)


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