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Monday, December 19, 2011

some thoughts

Well, hey there!

It is beginning to feel a little bit stressful over here as Christmas break comes closer...and closer!! Whoooo. Conner only has school 2 days this week and he is sick today. So now we are down to 1 day this week. SIGH.

Anyway, I have been doing some major meditating and praying and thinking. I literally have 16 minutes to type, so if this ends up seeming abrupt, I apologize.

Yesterday, the kids and I decided to check out a new church. After a minor breakdown in my Bible study group on Thursday - same ol', same ol'...not feeling "up to par" as a stay at home mom, somewhat desperate for a daycare situation to present itself, feeling super lazy when it comes to actually DOING what I feel the Lord is calling me to DO, etc. SO, one of the girls in my group started talking to me about getting together with our children since her 2 are close in age to my 3 youngest, and then she told me what church she attends in town. It is a church I have passed every Sunday since starting at Charlottesville Community Church, and I really have felt like I wanted to turn in! So, yesterday we did just that. The church is called The Point. I'm not sure if they do this every week, but yesterday the pastor gave a quote as "The Point"....
"God is doing in your life exactly what you would have Him to do if you could see the whole picture."
Yessir.  I needed to hear that!!!  I will definitely be going back.  Pastor Gabe (who introduced himself before the sermon and was super nice) went on to say another quote (that I totally didn't write down)...the gist being that you need to wait for God's timing.  Rather than trying to force something to happen in your own time, wait.  God's timing is correct and perfect.  If I somehow "miss' the signs or clues, it will be okay because God will make "it" happen.  All of this I know, but I just forget. 

Moving on.  I am really trying to live my life by praying constantly, listening to the moments around me, and staying away from the things I know are distractions and idols for me.  The computer is one.  My Kindle has turned out to be another.  I am making it a point to set time aside for those things...time that doesn't interfere with others needing me.  Time that comes AFTER my Bible studying.  I know Jesus has some great plans for me, and I really want to be listening when He speaks!!

So, yes, Christmas is coming up.  I have been on the borderline of cancelling any gift-giving several times this past week, let me tell you.  However, now that we have a tree up and lots of decorations, I think the kids are really realizing the season is here...at least, I guess that is why yesterday was such a good day for them?  We rearranged the bedrooms yesterday and put Zoe and Conner in a room together, so bedtime was a little interesting, but it still went relatively well.  Better than expected, at least!

Did I mention I would be sort of abrupt in all of this?  It has only been 7 minutes, but I keep losing my train of thought! 

Let me talk about running for a minute.  My knee hurts.  Like, it hurts BAD.  Today it is feeling better than yesterday, actually, but I had a full rest day yesterday...and today's schedule is 3 miles.  I'll let you know how that goes!  I went into the Charlottesville Running Company yesterday to talk to someone about the pain...some googling on the internet has led me to believe it is a simple case of "Runner's Knee".  Huh, who'd'a thought, right?  Haha.  Apparently this is very common and not a big deal...need to stretch more, do some cross training, and look into some new shoes.  Grrr.  All things I already KNEW, but just have been refusing to do!  Basically, the cross training thing just confuses me.  We have hard wood floors, so I do NOT want to work out at home.  I cannot afford a gym membership.  I have all the excuses in the world - you like that?? 

Who has time to stretch!?!?

Good shoes do not come cheap.  In this time of gift-giving, I just cannot justify getting the shoes I really, really want.  However, my aunt did "gift" me with a payment of $54.00 to "reward" my weight loss, so I did some online searching and found some good shoes for $50!  Zappos.com.  Love it.  I'll do a full review once they arrive, but they are made by Ryka, which is apparently a company that specifically makes shoes for WOMEN.  Interesting.  Since all of my sneakers have been men's shoes!  Details to come.  And pics, of course.

That's the running info.  I'm still training with the intention of running in the Charlottesville Full Marathon...even though the 26.2 miles terrifies me!  This weekend's 9-miler was pretty rough, but I completed it and didn't "die".  This means I have more in me, right?

2 minutes left!

I have decided to get back to some conscious dieting in the new year.  I have been eating when I want, and what I want and it is just not working for me.  I definitely haven't put any weight ON, but I also recognize that running would probably be easier on my knees if I could get to a healthier weight.  I'm not necessarily going to track the scale numbers, but I will probably try to weigh in once a week or once every other week...

Time's up!


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  1. When I read everything in your post it is obvious that the Lord is getting your attention! Keep on moving forward and seeking the Kingdom in your life. The new church fellowship sounds like a plus, too!
    Take care of your knees, believe me I KNOW about that in the 'aging' process. LOL
    Glad the weight-loss-payoff came in at the right time. See? Just like the Lord to do that for you!


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