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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 4 recap, Week 5 announcement

Hello there!

I want to apologize for dropping out with the daily recaps.  I will be honest here and let you know I am calling Week 4 a FAIL.  I'm sorry.  It seemed so easy.  I am usually the type of person who jumps on board with any sort of deep cleaning and/or rearranging project!  This was right up my alley!

The problem was not in the tasks themselves...this week was a problem.  We all have those, right?  I won't get into any details, but I would just like to say I have been struggling with some stuff and this week was not a good one overall.  Luckily...thankfully...blessedly...God has come through.  Lots of prayer over the past few days about needing help to be pulled out of the funk has resulted in a great weekend.  I am feeling "on the mend" and I truly believe I will be able to finish up my cleaning projects, possibly even a couple extra, AND week 5 is exactly what I need to be "challenged" to right now.  Amazing how He just knows, isn't it?

So, I was really excited to draw a challenge today.  Really excited!  I have been praying so hard and really diving in to my Bible studies every spare chance this weekend.  Truthfully, there weren't a TON of "spare chances" this weekend, but I took advantage of the ones I got!  I couldn't wait to see what sort of a challenge would be presented for this week. 

Week 5 Challenge:  Read one book (children's book) per child each day.

I have wanted to do this for a long time.  I am constantly telling Shaun, "We need to revamp bedtime routine!  We are going to head up to bed at 7 and read until 7:30!"  Sometimes it would be 7:30, read till 8.  I always have the best of intentions, but then the fights begin about WHAT book to read and WHO gets to read it...this last argument is a new one (and sort of exciting!) because Conner can now read.  Jack and Henry like to pretend they can read, too....this can be a little bit annoying.  And even frustrating for them once they realize they can't actually read. 

Anyway, I'm usually so tired by the end of the day, that I am easily persuaded to allow them to crash in front of a movie, or just take them to bed and read one book and listen to cries of "MORE BOOKS!  I want another story!  That wasn't MY story!"...leading to frustration and the end result of at least one crying themselves to sleep.  Ick.

The other thing is, i am working 4 nights this week, so the story time will have to be at creative times.  The evenings I am home, I would like to do the stories at bedtime, but in juggling each day's events I may find that after lunch story time works better!  Or even storytime in the couple hours between Conner getting off the bus and Shaun arriving at home?  We'll see.  I know I will learn something this week.  I also know I will have the time to complete my cleaning tasks from last week's challenge.  Our clothes desperately need to be weeded through and sorted and donated and put in appropriate drawers.  The van is dis-gus-ting and needs a gooooood cleaning.  I'm not going to discuss the bathrooms.  They will be sparkly by the end of this week, though!

Once again, I am sorry if I have let anyone down.  Trust me, nobody could be as disappointed with last week as I am!  I know, from pictures and posts on Facebook, that Jenn at Running 4 My Life kicked some serious booty with last week's challenge!!  She was a great motivator to me...even if I did choose nap over following through with my motivation.  :)  Thank you, Jenn, for becoming such a good friend!

I hope to post at least a time or two over the week, but you may not hear from me again before next weekend!  Have a great night....and week!!


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  1. No worries Audrey! We all have times when we aren't feeling our best! I am glad that you are feeling better.

    I don't have much time because I am still working on my son's room, but I wanted to post and let you know that this weeks challenge is PERFECT for me. Seriously, perfect timing. Watch for more on my blog, probably tomorrow.


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