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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 2 of Cleaning Challenges...

Today I chose the task of rearranging a room.  As I mentioned before, I rearrange on a very regular basis.  It's, like, my  most favorite task.  Um, except for today.  My heart wasn't in it.  I just plain didn't want to!!  The rearranging was going to involve cleaning.  BOOOO Cleaning!  Oh wait.  This is a "cleaning challenge"?  Ugh.  Fine.

I chose Zoe's room because she has been sleeping in MY bed in MY bedroom (okay, fine, OUR bedroom), and I'm flat out sick of it.  It results in zero husband and I time, zero staying up late to watch a movie.  The girl just wants to be with me all of the time.  If I was a kangaroom, she would live in my pouch.  I know she will grow out of this.  I know she will come around to hating me eventually.  It's just hard to appreciate when I cannot do anything, anything, ANYTHING without her being with me.  Trying to "help".  Grrrrr.  At night, she asks "Hold me, mommy.  Come lay with me.  I will brush your hair!"  She's a liar.  She never brushes my hair!  Oh, sure, she'll get the hair brush and take down my ponytail, but 2 strokes in and she's distracted by something else.  Darnit.  I love having my hair brushed.

So, anyway, here's a before shot of Zoe's room...wonder why she doesn't want to sleep in there???

I had an idea of how I wanted to set things up, so I went in there to begin weeding through the junk first.  So. Much. Junk.  These kids respect nothing.  Seriously.  DVD's everywhere, CD's, too.  Puzzles.  Books.  So many books!  Written in, torn up, written ON.  Anyway, the kids had to help, of course.  Meaning they got in my way.  I didn't take any "during" shots today.  I wasn't amused at it today.  :)  Then, once I got a majority of the furniture moved around, but still had more cleaning to do - Henry decided to lay down and take a nap!  Hahaha.  So, this means it has the relaxing feel I was going for, right?

Here's the after shot...I set the pictures up the same way as the photo above for an easier comparison.

Fun!  Please don't judge the bedding, by the way.  We are poor.  We cannot afford matching sheets and blankets for everyone...they just get peed on anyway, right?

She loves it...

So long as I got my harmonica...I'm good.
Day 2 completed!!  Since I did laundry today, I'm going to save the major bedsheets/clean mattresses for Thursday afternoon.  I did take the futon outside and beat the hell out of it this morning before putting a clean sheet on.  Sooooo therapeutic. 
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  1. Looks great! I definitely agree that bedding doesn't matter when they are that little! Looks cute regardless! :)


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