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Monday, January 9, 2012

W2 recap, W3 challenge announcement

Sorry this is kinda "late"!  I think most of the people joining in with the challenges are on Facebook, so I announced it there quickly last night, but Week 3's challenge is 90 ounces of water and at least 8 fruits and vegetables every day!

I really enjoyed handwriting thank you's.  I didn't have any new situations arise that were unexpected, but I was happy to write the notes to the people who already deserved them.  Here is my daily breakdown...

MONDAY:  Thank you to Shaun's Aunt Patty who spoiled the kiddos with some great Christmas presents this year!  She got a great mix of things that were able to keep them entertained until grandma, grampa, aunt Jo, and aunt/cousin Sandy were able to get out of bed and get on over here for the rest of the gift opening! 
TUESDAY:  Thank you to babysitter Courtney who came over and gave us a "freebie" evening of watching the kids while Shaun and I attended the Fellini's #9 Christmas party!  She works with Shaun and this was her first time sitting for us.  It was really sweet of her to give us the first night free!
WEDNESDAY:  Thank you to my running partner, Jenn.  She also works at Fellini's, so we both knew about the evening the other had had...get my drift?  It was a rather nuts-o party...free booze tends to bring out the best worst in most of us!  Well, neither of us wanted to run on Wednesday, but we both knew we needed to run.  We met downtown and headed out for a nice 4.75 miles...the first half hour was brutal, I'm not going to lie.  BUT, we did it.  We held a great pace throughout and we worked through the pain and finished up with a nice final 17-ish minutes.  Good for us!!  I am so thankful for her presence in my life...I think I was too close to quitting running before she joined me.  It was just not as much fun without local support!
THURSDAY:  Thank you to my momma!  I don't even know where to begin with thanking her, but this note was specific to recent stuff.
FRIDAY:  Thank you to the fabulous doctor who prescribed Amoxicillin to kick my streppy throat's ASS.
SATURDAY:  Thank you to my grandpa John.  This was sort of a "How are you?  I love you" note, but I said "Thanks", too!
SUNDAY:  Thank you to my new local church, The Point!  After the kids' first time in "Kids Point", they mailed a note to each child with $5 McDonald's gift certificates in each!!  Shaun promptly pocketed those.  Haha.  Then, after I filled out a card asking for some more information, they not only emailed me several times (from several different people) with personal notes and answers, they mailed a $5 gas card to thank ME for the visit!  Love it.  Their Christmas Eve service got Shaun to go back with me yesterday...needless to say, I feel like I've found a home.

It was fun writing these notes!  A couple of the notes have scratch marks because I changed my mind or missed a word.  No delete button!  Haha.  It was nice.  I got some cute cards with happy faces on them.  I call this week a SUCCESS!!

Now on to week 3.  90 ounces of water sounds like a lot, but I have read and read and read and read about water consumption and it is a healthy amount for weight loss.  Especially since I am active most days and sweat it out.  Some people shoot for 100 ounces a day...I don't truly know why I wrote 90.  Haha.  The 8 servings of fruits and veggies have been discussed a bit on Facebook.  Basically, a serving is 1/2 a cup of either.  Apples and oranges are one serving for a whole fruit, but since the fruits I've seen lately are rather large, those would count as 2.  I have had a LARGE orange and an apple this morning, so I'm counting that as 3.  I love apples.  Even the big ones I count as just 1.  I think I will have a notepad near the fridge and I will keep track on that.  My plan is to eat the fruits and veggies anytime I feel "snacky".  Once I have 8 in, then I can rummage around for other stuff...my thought being, of course, that I will be too full by then.  We'll see.

I don't remember if I have shared this before, but if you eat cottage cheese, you HAVE to try adding a little bit of sour cream.  It is SOOO yummy!!  1 cup of cottage cheese (or 1/2), about a tablespoon of sour cream, topped with fruit and crushed nuts.  Mmmmmmm.  Favorite breakfast.  Well, favorite when I'm not eating oatmeal with a spoonful of peanut butter added.  These two things are SO filling and delicious.  Just thought I would share.  :)

I gotta get dressed!  After a weekend full of strep throat (oh, it was sooo bad), I am feeling better and ready to rock!  My mom and I are heading to the local gym to join this morning and I'm hoping we're there in time for me to do the Body Pump class at 9.  I went to my first class last week on Thursday and it was awesome.  I really felt it in muscles I haven't been using when running.

Speaking of running, I haven't ran since last Wednesday.  I am missing it soooo bad.  Friday and Saturday I was on my butt with illness.  Yesterday just didn't work out for getting any mileage in with church and brunch and then some work last night to make up for missing Friday and Saturday.  Ugh.  Tonight, Jenn and I are planning 8-10 miles.  I haven't mapped out our route just yet, so I'm not totally sure.

Have a great day!!  Water, water, water!!!!  Fruit, fruit, veggie!!!


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  1. My thank you notes went out to: 1. my mom and dad, 2. my sister, 3. my hubby, 4. hubby's grandma, 5. in-laws, 6. my "in real life" bff, and 7. to an awesome bloggy friend :)

    This week is going to be SUCH a challenge. Not because of the water, "I've got that." I actually do believe water makes a HUGE difference in weight loss. Its one of the first things I did when I was first starting out. I drank 8 16.9 oz bottles a day way back when. Now, I am drinking at least 6, some days 8. I definitely noticed a difference when I stopped drinking it - in my skin, and I was hungry more often!

    But MAN, 8 servings of fruits and veggies.... wow. Mine will probably lean heavily on fruit side. hah

  2. P.S. I was just thinking, you should create a logo/image for your 2012 challenge of weekly challenges. Then those of us who have blogs could put it up and people could link back to your blog - I bet you would get more people to join you :)

  3. It's so hard to run after being sick...but so worth it! Good luck!


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