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Monday, December 10, 2012

One week down!

Good morning!! 

What a great week.  Seriously.  We got our Christmas tree up (earlier than ever before!) and lights all over the house (indoors mostly, but also some outside)...so, the spirit of the season has arrived.  I had my monthly "9 and Under" luncheon this past Saturday which went great in and of itself, but also leaves me at home for a Saturday night (rather than working) so I feel like I got some extra family time in there. 

There were other things, but those are the highlights coming to me now. 

Since I haven't been blogging for a while, I feel like there are some things I should catch the readers up on!!  I realize I am mostly here just to detail my weight loss and running and all things involved with that...but I gotta admit that when I read blogs I downright LOVE to get some personal "nuggets" in there, as well.  Definitely makes the person more relatable.  If you are here simply to find out how my first week of weight loss went and my first week of marathon training I will end your suspense before my rambling...

Bad at math?  That is 4.6 pounds down this week!  Hooooooray!!  I ran 2 miles on Tuesday, 3 miles on the track Thursday followed by 2 on the elliptical (does it count?  I feel like it does), then Saturday morning was a slightly tough 4 miles with my marathon partner, Donna.  I say slightly tough because the 2 mile route is mostly, if not all, uphill one way and downhill the way back.  We ran the up first.  I truly had to stop twice just to stretch!!!  Then I felt all great on the way back down.  Of course. 

So, following my Saturday run, I had to rush in to work for our monthly "9 and Under" luncheon!!  My parents own a restaurant called Fellini's #9.  We serve Italian food that is fantastic, and we really have quite a reputation for being a great "date night" restaurant.  Ever since we moved here and my kids have been able to hang out there a lot and do some waiter things (fill their own drinks, venture into the kitchen), they have played "Restaurant" regularly at home and at the park and pretty much all the time.  I had the idea to allow other kids (I only bring one of mine at a time!) to come in one Saturday a month and wait on their parents!  It is truly the cutest thing ever.  In fact, "cute" is the wrong word.  It is just awesome.  To see these children (ages 4-10) come in and actually focus on doing everything...and I do mean everything!  They roll silverware for their guests, seat them with a menu, take drink orders (alcohol is served by myself or my co-worker, Robyn), take food orders, cut strawberries for dessert, deliver bread, deliver each course of the meal...bus the tables.  Cool, right??  Meanwhile, their parents are relaxing in the dining room and enjoying a 3-course meal!  The kids get to sit and eat during the entrée course.  It has gone wonderfully every month and this marked our 4th time.  We tried something new this month and had one of the local piano teachers bring in several kids to play piano during lunch!  We always have live music during dinner, so I thought that would really complete the experience. 

I did well with sticking to Slim Fast this past week!  I really, really made it a point to not eat at work and cut out some other secret (horrible) snacking I had been doing.  I increased the water and only missed my mark one day!  Unfortunately, that day was Saturday...after a run...so I was feeling pretty crappy and headache-y Sunday.  I am so excited to see results!!!  I know this will help to keep me going.  Just knowing that the hard work is worth it. 

This week I plan to switch over to the Jackie Warner plan which I had great success with in the past!  I will try to make it to the grocery today in order to get all the items I need...I do have some Slim Fast shakes leftover, though, because I have used my AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shakes a couple of times.  They froth up wonderfully and look like ice cream when blended with frozen fruit!  Yum. 

That's all for now!  I have 3 miles on my schedule today, 6 Wednesday, 3 Friday, and 4 Saturday again.  I really, really, really, really want to be dead on this week with the numbers and the days they are planned.  Wednesdays have been hard, for some reason!  The 3 kids that are home with me during the week go to "school" on Wednesdays from 9-1, and I have just wanted to crawl back into bed every week lately after dropping them off!  I am going to ignore my internal voice and get out for that 6 miles.  Even if it takes me 2 hours.  Hahaha. 

Have a great day!!
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