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Monday, April 16, 2012

Needing your help for the marathon

Not financially!  Just emotionally?  Mentally?  Whatever.  Here's the deal...

In 5 days, for those who may have missed it, I will be running/walking/jogging/hopefully finishing my very first full marathon.  Not only that, it's the Blue Ridge Marathon which promises to be "America's Toughest Road Marathon"...so that's awesome.

If you missed that news or are new here, then you also likely don't know I am not prepared in the traditional way for this race.  My longest run EVER is 13.24 miles, with the most recent being a half marathon one week ago.  My highest mileage week (in the past 6 months) was 23 miles. 

While some of you "seasoned" marathoners are likely cringing at these facts, and maybe some of you think I am crazy or stupid - and all of those thoughts are fine.  I've had them myself.  Basically, I am setting out with NO goal (except 8 hours or less cause that's the time limit) other than just crossing that finish line with a smile on my face....I need YOU to help me smile.

I have set up an email address - audrey26miles is at hotmail.  (writing it out like that apparently helps with not getting spammed?)  Anyway, that's it.  Take away the word "is" and replace "at" with the symbol...you got that, right?  Hahaha.

Here's what I would like from YOU  (yes, you!)...encouraging words, amusing anecdotes, photograph instructions.  Just whatever!  My sister is "manning" the email inbox and has a cute little pink notebook ready to write in.  She will seperate the notebook into 26 sections for me to read at each mile marker.  I bought myself a fanny pack (eek!) and I will be carrying my notebook and a camera.  And some Gu chomps, but that's not important right now. 

I had already planned to take a picture at each mile marker of my face (ugh), but I am not doing this solely for myself.  I want a nice "finish" to my weight loss and fitness journey...I'm not saying I'm done, it's just that I feel like I need to focus on other things in my life.  I want to show everyone it is possible and that ANYONE can do 26.2 miles.  Maybe everyone already knows that?  I know that even just one year ago I had no idea I would ever run a 5K race.  I vaguely remember a life of seeing 5K posters and signs and advertisements and never giving a one of them a second glance.  I knew all about the Belle Meade Boulevard Turkey Trot every year, but I literally had no idea what that meant.  I can't even really put into words how clueless I was about the whole running "game".  I remember, years ago, running a little bit on the treadmill - to lose weight - and one mile was my limit.  I even remember giving up on that because I was so discouraged by how hard it felt and how little calories it seemed to burn. 

A Marathon was never on my bucket list.  Neither was a half marathon.  If I had made a bucket list in my life, I doubt anything running or fitness related would have even made the cut!  My husband joked the other day that I am doing the bucket list concept backwards.  Ha.  Basically I am completing things and then choosing to write them down only when I can cross them off.  Whatever works, right?

Please consider helping me out on this.  Here are some examples:  You could write "at mile 16 I want her to see "GO AUDREY.  You can do this!  You are strong!" and I want her to take a picture of herself with another runner."  Or at mile 3, get a picture of how many people are ahead of you.  At mile 25 get a picture of everyone behind you!  You get the drift, right?  Just some fun instructions...even if you wanted to ask for a picture of me with a thumbs up by mile 7, or my tongue sticking out at mile 1. 

THANKS!  Again, the email is audrey26miles at hotmail.  Have a great day!!!
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